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V/R: Botoku chieftaincy dispute; Togbe Atakorah lied over victory claim

The Registrar of Volta Regional House of Cheif, Mr. Attipoe has condemned the embattled Manklado of Botoku and Acting President of Botoku Traditional Council, Togbe Atakorah over his claims that the House of Cheif has ruled in his favor in the matter that he [Togbe] has brought before them.

Togbe Atokorah, in Awake News’ earlier reports, said he was informed by the Registrar of the House of Chiefs, Mr. Attipoe that he [Togbe] has won the case he filed at the Volta Regional House Of Chiefs challenging the installation of Togbe Sei II. He also claimed that Mr. Attipoe has given him the green light to install a new Cheif within three months.

Togbe Attakorah’s claims were however denied by the Registrar, saying he never told him that he has won any case and or asked him to install any chief within three months.

According to interview him in an earlier interview with Awake News, the case has not yet been called let alone ruled in favor of any of the parties.

Mr. Attipoe insisted that even a chief does not install a chief so he does not understand why Togbe Atakorah thinks he has the customary or legal right to install a chief.

“I want to make it clear that a chief does not install a chief”

Mr. Attipoe noted that after a workshop for some chiefs at Anfuga couple of weeks ago, he only called him [Togbe] to advised him to within three months “clear himself” of the confusion at Botoku as he [the registrar] was informed that he [Togbe Atakorah] is the being an impediment in the installation of new paramount chief and or resolution of the dispute.

“I only advise him to clear himself and stay away from the exercise”

Mr. Attipoe has since sent a strong warning to Togbe Atakorah not to make any attempt of installing any paramount chief until the case is over.

Source: AwakeNewsOnline.com | Efo Korsi Senyo

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