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Two armed Police Officers at Oyibi allegedly demolish uncompleted building

The demolished Halidu’s building that was under construction

Two armed Police Officers from the Oyibi Police Station and a Complainant stormed a project site at Adombrobe a suburb of Oyibi in the Greater Accra Region yesterday, Wednesday, March 28, 2018 around 10am and allegedly demolished an ongoing building project belonging to one Halidu Ouman.

According to one of the masons who escaped from the scene, told Awake News’ Efo Korsi Senyo that the Police also seized their tools and arrested one of his workmates.

“two armed Police Officers came to the site where we were hired to lay some blocks around 10am with a certain woman. Upon getting close to us, the officers ordered us to stop work and one of them immediately cocked his gun. We were frightened and run away to hide behind one of the buildings. The two police officers then started pulling down the blocks we were laying while the woman that came with them stood afar and watched”

“The Police took away all our tools, mobile phones and even our food we brought to the site.”

“one of our colleagues went back to the site to take his motorbike but they arrested him on his way home and locked him up at the Oyibi Police Station”

Speaking to Awake News, Nana Amoako, a sub-chief of Adombrobe who claimed to have sold the half plot of land to Halidu Ouman in 2012 said

“I sold the land to Halidu since 2012 and the documents handed over to him. Last year, my brother, Okyeame Joe Queye resold Halidu’s land to a woman who bought the second half plot of the land without my knowledge”

“When Halidu started developing his plot early this year, the woman went and launched a complaint with the Oyibi Police that Halidu encroach on her land. I was invited together with my brother and we told the Police that we are the sellers of that same plot of land so we will go home and resolve the matter among ourselves because I sold the land to Halidu since 2012” Nana told Awake News’ Efo Korsi Senyo

“When we went to the Police station, I had shown the police the original documents of the land I gave to Halidu”

“it is therefore very surprising to me that the police officers will go to demolish the blocks Halidu was laying” – he added

Suzzy Mensah – Oyibi Police Commander

Speaking to the Oyibi Police Commander, Suzzy Mensah, she admitted her two officers led by Agyemang accompanied the Complainant to the site to effect the arrest but disputed the claims that the Police Officers participated in pulling down the blocks.

According to her, it was the Complainant that by the presence of the two police officers felt empowered and demolished the blocks herself.

“It was not my men that pulled down the blocks. It was the Complainant herself that by the presence of the two officers felt empowered and pulled down the blocks” – Suzzy Mensah said

“In fact the suspect [mason] that we arrested also told me personally that it was the Complainant that pulled down the blocks” – she added

Efo Korsi Senyo’s visit to the site revealed that, aside from pulling down of Halidu’s blocks, part of the Complainant’s laid blocks were also pulled down.

A portion of the Complainant structure that was pulled down

When Efo Korsi Senyo short to enquire from the Police Commander why the Complainant decided to pull down part of her own structure together with that of Halidu’s and the reason why the Police were made to supervise such an exercise, the Police Commander was angered by the questions and asked the reporter to leave her office.

At the twist of event, the Police Commander had told Efo Korsi Senyo that she has ordered the arrest of one other mason and Halidu Ouman who both accompanied him [Efo Korsi Senyo] to the Police Station.

According to Halidu he was made to pay GH¢200.00 before he was bailed late in the night but the other mason who was arrested together with him was locked in the cells and later released this afternoon, March 29, 2018.

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo

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