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Twelve Year Old Peace Ambassador Calls For Corruption Eradication In The Country

Hillary Elliot Dogbe, Peace Ambassador

A twelve year old Peace Ambassador, Hillary Elliot Dogbe, has called on Ghanaians to desist from various acts of corruption in the country. In an encounter with the Press during a visit to Tema, the Peace Ambassador laments about how disheartening it is to have all manner of corruptions acts taking place in the country after sixty long years of independence.

Master Dogbe explained that if corruption is not nib in the bud, it will definitely have diverse effects on the future generations and more especially, leading the country to bankruptcy. He indicated that despite all the natural resources and riches in Ghana, the country cannot boast of much self-reliance because of corrupt practices that have engulfed the lives of public servants in the country. This he said has made the country to be always at the mercy of donor countries.

He indicated that if these practices continue, children yet to be born will be at the suffering end and may become slaves on their own land. “Let me reiterates that we the future leaders of this country are not ready to beg for bread in the days to come in our own homeland. No! Not today, not tomorrow” He added.

The Peace Ambassador bemoaned how some politicians deliberately sabotage good policies of government just because they are not in power. He noted that despite the economic hardships that parents find themselves in, some politicians for their own selfish gains are trying to disrupt the free SHS Policy recently rolled out by the government. The free SHS he noted will bring some relief to parents who find it difficult in enrolling their children in school.

He also bemoaned how the culprits of the fire outbreak at the central medical stores have still not being brought to book. He said this fire outbreak has affected healthcare delivery in the country. He said corruption is the cause of ghost names in the salary structure of the country and inflation in prices of projects and contracts. “How can our lovely mother Ghana be tossed by unpatriotic citizens being in positions?” He reiterated.

Hillary Elliot Dogbe said in order to avert high rates of school dropouts, poverty, injustice, unemployment, poor economic conditions, abuse of human rights and freedom among others then corruption need to be eradicated completely from the country.

Christiana Ativi reporting for Awake News

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