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Tanzania deports UNDP Boss

Ms. Awo Dabo
The government of Tanzania has deported the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) boss Ms. Awa Dabo from residing within its borders for having poor relations with colleagues, reports the Citizen.

Awa Dabo, a Gambian, is the UNDP’s country director in the East African nation relations with her colleagues was straining the organization’s performance in Tanzania according to a statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International relations.

A Tanzanian Member of Parliament (MP) Pascal Haonga submitted to the country’s parliament to get an explanation as to why the government issued a persona non grata to deport the UNDP boss. The parliament speaker, Andrew Chenge, said that the country’s executive has full autonomy on diplomatic relations, thus the parliament will not pursue the matter.

The UNDP or United Nations has not yet commented.

Source: africa.cgtn.com

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