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Suhum MP Electoral Area Tour Turns Blow – calls communities as villagers

Frederick Opare-Ansah, MP for Suhum

The Member of Parliament for Suhum Constituency, Hon Frederick Opare Ansa and his team nearly caused a political disaster when the Hon MP was asked to retract a statement he had earlier made that Constituents of Okorase are villagers.

The Hon MP whose tenure as a member of parliament since 2004 has

been described as “Mr do little”, camouflaged a five-day tour to meet delegates in the various electoral areas in the Suhum zone in the constituency.

It is during his tour that delegates of Okorase electoral area the World Bank of the Hon MP got angry with the Hon MP for describing the Okorase community as villagers. When asked to retract and render an unqualified apology to the delegates and the community, guiltily and shamefully refused but rather shamefully threatens court action to the electorates who he the Hon MP expects to vote for him come next year’s parliamentary primaries. “It is only the fool who says they are referring to my friend and not me” (okwasea na ose yede me yonko na wonde me). Today it’s okorase which has been described as villagers, tomorrow another may be described as “fools” by this same man. This is a word to a wise.

In an attempt to get the delegates names appended on a suspected white sheet by the Constituency Secretary, Mr Ernest Lartey the MP’s only pet was snubbed reason being suspected to be used their names in their usual vodooism during Parliamentary Primaries in the Constituency. “Never again” the delegates snubbed. The delegates also strongly resisted an attempt by the Hon MP to drive a party member out of the vicinity with a flimsy excuse that he is not part of the delegates of okorase. They asked whether Akonobea and Olonka are even delegates to be part of the meeting and if they don’t leave, the Hon MP must not dare drive Akwasi, a delegate away.

The near exchange of blows meeting by “Mr do little” ended abruptly of which delegates allegedly forcefully took their sitting allowance of GH¢50 each telling the Hon MP this is the only thing they can get from him.

In an attempt to answer the question of why the MP has decided to use NDC rented media personnel’s and the NDC constituency executives to marred the NPP Government in the Constituency, the Nasara Coordinator, Alhaji Mohammed on behalf of the Hon MP disgraced himself whining his nose saying apparently nothing sensible which annoyed the electorates driving the team away from the venue.

Meanwhile, at Asafo Ohene Atiemo electoral area, a delegate who wanted to find out why the Hon MP has failed to act his say by stepping down this time around as he promised in 2016 to allow competent personalities to contest on the NPP ticket, nearly received the beatings of his life. An eye witness said, one of the team members of the Hon MP, Akonobea shouted on the old man to shut up for he has asked the most stupid question ever in the world. As if that wasn’t enough, she forcefully pushed her self out of the team wanting to give the old man a slap of his life but the delegates showed her, her place as a feminine stature. They concluded that indeed, tell me your friend and I will show you your character. “If the Hon MP would be accompanied by such elements then I’m afraid you better think twice”, one of the delegates lamented.

It could be recalled that the Hon MP, Frederick Opare Ansah in 2016 pleaded with anyone who wanted to contest him to allow him his last term to parliament and promised to step down for others to come in to serve the party. This through his actions has confirmed that he does not deserve the title of an honourable.

His five day camouflage tour is expected to end today 3rd August but report received so far indicates that, the electorates are only showing respect to an MP but his message they know is not from the heart and would definitely deal with him at the appropriate time.

It is an open secret that the Hon MP has never wanted the candidature of His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo but only rides on his back to win his MPship. It’s time the Constituency delegates bring in a candidate for Nana’s agenda.

Source: Candidate for Nana’s Agenda: We need a trusted candidate for NPP

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