Suhum MCE, Hon. Margret Darko Dankwah inspecting some projects


Political Radio Communicators have indisputably become major contributors in the formation of Government and deterioration of Government. Not quite long ago the NPP Government has come under severe attack of not taking good care of their Radio Communicators (also known as serial callers) as the recent whip at the neck is the letter from the famous commentator Hon Abro Nny3 DC indicating his temporary resignation from participating actively on radio but rather concentrate on his office duty as the first Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party in the Brong Ahafo Region.

The Suhum Municipal Chief Executive and the Representative of the President, Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah yesterday met with the Suhum NPP Radio Communicators at his residence to invigorate hope into them and pleading with them to maintain their calmness for their harvest time is near and that the Government is doing everything possible to create more jobs which of course they shall reap their share of their toil.

According to her, she is a mother and understands what they have gone through during 2016 campaign and still going through. She considered the amount of credit they buy every day to call radio station just to propagate the developmental projects ongoing by the Government. She also acknowledged the role they play in defending the attacks and falsehood reportage by the opposition trying to throw dust into the eyes of the good people of Ghana.

The Hon MCE encouraged the constituency NPP Radio Communicators to keep up with the good work they do on the radio by lauding the good works by His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo and herself in the Municipality on the radio, television and other social media. “Though I’m not a fun on social media, my Media Aide here reports to me the good work you people have been doing for the purpose of the party and Ghana as a whole”, the Hon MCE appreciated.

The Hon MCE assured them that she will do her possible best to support the good work they are doing from time to time and at the appropriate time which would be as soon as possible provide substantial support to heal some wounds within their financial status quo.

Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah with her usual advice to party faithfuls, pleaded with the Communicators to be Truthful, Factual with Information and be devoid of any Propaganda that seeks to undermine the integrity of the leadership of the party both within the Constituency and outside the Constituency. She advised them to take a cue from the humble character of our leaders especially his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo and follow suit. She also prayed that they must not allow themselves to be corrupted and be used by selfish political entities to undermine the integrity of the leadership of the party. The Hon MCE finally asked for the blessings and guidance from God for the die-hard NPP members.

The Communicators who came from the length and breadth of the Constituency took their turn to thank the Hon MCE for the immense support she has been giving any time she met them. They promised to heed to her advice given to them and work even harder to uplift the image of the party wherever they find themselves. They couldn’t live without quoting Oliver Twist “we ask for more”.

Compiled by:
Baah Samuel (Gosh)
Media Aide to the MCE

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