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Stop collecting drinks, goats but cement, paints, woods – Joseph Gakpo tells Chiefs

Mr. Joseph Gakpo

The Coordinator of Agbesia Progressive Youth Association, Mr. Joseph Gakpo is urging traditional rulers in Ghana to consider changing the old-age practice of collecting drinks and goats as a form of fine after judgments at the traditional court.

According to the visionary and active young leader, chiefs must rather

consider collecting cement, paints, woods to facilitate developmental projects in their respective communities rather than ‘drinks and goats for parties’.

Speaking to Awake News following concerns raised by Togbui Afede, President of Traditional House of Chiefs that there are too many ‘self-acclaimed’ paramount chiefs in the Volta Region, Mr. Gakpo said:

“I don’t know exactly what Togbe Afede mean by “self-acclaimed”.  Aside recognition of Paramount chief by the House of Chiefs, the traditional areas have a jurisdiction to recognize their own Paramountcy. They choose their Togbega [Paramount Chief] but not the house of chiefs choose Togbega for them” – he noted

Mr. Gakpo noted that “the problem of chiefs and development in our communities is lack of ideas and research. They slept on the job and lost ways of doing things. Much of this Paramount chiefs are well educated but refused to apply their education to command development to their people.”

“The only thing you see them active in is sitting in council ‘traditional court’ to judge cases, collect drinks and goats to make a party.” – He fumes

The patriotic and energetic young leader said “I told my chiefs point-blank to stop the collection of drinks and goat but rather go in for cement, paint, wood etc to put up needed facilities in our community”

The outspoken leader added that “In this democratic era, amendment of laws and new ways of doing things is the best for development”.

“So why will traditional leaders continue with their old and outdated ways of tackling issues?” – He quizzed

According to him like Mr. Kofi Wayo once said, “When our ancestors got drunk after we pray for them with schnapps they forgot what to do”

“In general, our traditional leaders lack ideas to move their area forward! They eat meat, drinks and get fat to have big arms and shoulders to wear kente at programs. Accountability to the people is another huge issue which is also killing traditional council” – He added

Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo | senyo@awakeafrica.com

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