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State Burial for Ebony, A Presidential Celebration of NUDITY?

Ebony’s death has massively exposed how hypocrites most of us are including some officials of this current government.

This was a young lady with so much talent who we slaughtered with our mouths even before her untimely death.

We all sat on judgment seat of God and condemned the young lady till the very day she died.

We sit in Ghana and celebrate Rihanna in the US but condemned our own while most of us are more dangerous than the worse of Ebony in our closest.

Who are we mortals to judge our own while God made it known to us that he alone is responsible for carrying out judgment on the last day?

How many of our pastors and leaders who condemned the young lady tried to meet her to advise her to conform to the “traditions” of our land? But we condemned and prophecy about her death without finding a solution to it.

At 20 Ebony is gone and Rahinah is UNICEF Education ambassador touring the globe meeting head of States and promoting Education.

Despite whatever that was said about her by the world, her people still saw something good in her and have given her the chance operate to contribute her quota.

No wonder a minister in Ghana will ban names like Ohenaba which means Prince in English but will accept Prince as a legitimate name for registration.

This is the difference between the whites and we Africans.

We are not always happy when our own is climbing the ladder of success, we will do everything to bring him down.

Mills was insulted and portrayed as the worse President Ghana has ever had but after his death, we realized he was the best President after Nkrumah.

Mahama was also insulted and brought down by both inside political snippers and the NPP, but I thank God he is alive to see Ghanaian cry and call for forgiveness and the come back of the NDC.

I remember when Ebony released her Maame Hwe song, I posted her well-dressed picture on my Facebook wall and still people were calling her devil.

Pope Francis who is a vicar of Christ on earth, even on issues of homosexuals did not condemn them but said so far as the homosexuals were created by God, they are also children of God. And added that no one can be excluded from the mercy of God.

So if the vicar of God advised us this way, which is very true because we as mortals can never exclude our fellow mortals from God’s mercy.

Who are we then to pass judgment on someone because of her dressing?

Today, just a week after the death of the young lady all of us are now celebrating her. Pouring all kinds of tributes out. This is hypocrisy at its peak.

We are even told she will be given a state burial. When I heard the news I then officially confirmed that we are not serious as a country. Am just shocked by the strange love the entire country has suddenly develop for her.

How can we give a state burial to someone who we said was promoting nudity and was condemned by our leaders and some men and women of God who carry themselves as if they are a god?

Why haven’t they come out to condemn government also for promoting nudity by celebrating the ”bad girl Ebony?

Ghana indeed is an interesting Country full of hypocrites.

I love Ebony because she is not a hypocrite and wouldn’t pretend to be who she is not.

Most of us who condemned her in our closest is worse than her outward looks.

It’s funny to hear we the critics of Rihanna on her nudity styles of stage performance be the same people criticizing her that the political suit she wore to the Global Education Program recently was oversized.

Looking at the tributes that keep on pouring for her and the crowd at her one-week observation yesterday, I have come to learn a hard lesson and has come to a conclusion that one has to do what pleases him and his God, develop a dead goat syndrome and leave the rest for posterity to judge.

Trump’s phrase on my mind.

Rest well Ohemaa

Am still a Citizen, Not a spectator.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A Youth Activist.

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