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Squatters at CMB Displaced

The Ghana Railways Development Authority has undertaken a demolition exercise at CMB, an area in Accra thereby dislocating Squatters in the area. The exercise which took place on Sunday saw More than 100 structures destroyed by the Authority to pave way for the development of the area.

However, squatters in the area say the demolition of their structures was inappropriate as a litigation over the matter was yet to be determined.

A notice from Afadzato Chambers, legal representative for the squatters, to the Railway Development Authority stated that “it is the legitimate expectation that you will wait patiently for the final determination of the matter.”

The lawyers are also pushing for compensation for the squatters, arguing that the planned demolition of the area to pave the way for a private commercial development defeated the purpose of acquiring the land in 1829 for the development of rail lines.

“The stretch of land area known as CMB form part and parcel of a stretch of land granted the Mantse Ankrah Family for its contribution during a tribal war known as the Bame War in 1829 by the Ga State,” the notice said.

Affected occupants of the area said they had been looking forward to the court’s ruling on the matter and that they were surprise by the actions of the Ghana Railway Authority.

The exercise was carried out under the heavy supervision of armed policemen.

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