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Senyo Global to Premiers Two Movies in Odumasi Krobo

Senyo Global has joined the league of movie producers in Ghana with two amazing films which are scheduled to be premiered at Odumasi Krobo on Sunday, August 21, 2016.

The movies, ‘Wonder child’ and ‘Evil Inheritance’ are the first works of the company with production originally done in the Ga- Dangme dialect.

In an exclusive interview with Frederick Noamesi, Mr. Korsi Senyo, the Executive Producer for both movies gave the trailer details for the movies.

‘Wonder Child’ tells a story of a barren woman who eventually become an object of mockery for her inability to conceive. On her way home from her farm one day, she met a young lady who reminded her of her predicament. At this juncture, the barren woman cried in a loud voice that she wants a child and does not care where the child comes from. Her lamentation attracted the spirit of the land which appeared to her and promised to give the woman a child with a condition that she will not see the face of the child. As devastated as she was, she accepted the condition and got pregnant. However upon delivering, she died but the child survived. There were many troubles in the land which the fetish priest took advantage of but this child (wonder) is also bent on exposing him. The battle line was drawn between the wonder child and the fetish priest. The story continues …

‘Evil Inheritance’ on the other hand tells the story of a young man who inherited the gods of his father but he said he cannot serve the gods because he is a Christian. Unfortunately for him, he was not so strong in his Christian faith which paved way for the gods and evil spirits to become a torn in his flesh. His life became a mess till his good friend Sammy came to introduced him to blood money popularly known as ‘Sakawa’. His father’s god and the blood money gods had to engage in fierce battle till the blood money gods prevailed. He enjoyed his wealth till suddenly his friends and family started dying. What could be the reason? The story continues …

Mr. Senyo also revealed that the premier will be crowned with awards for the actors and actress.
Noting that, an award winning actor John Dumelo to participate in the event as the guest of honor to launch the production house, its two movies and a mover award scheme “Senyo Movie Awards”

You can’t miss this for anything. Be in Odumasi on Sunday  August 21, 2016, 7:00pm prompt at the Oklemekuku Hall, Lasi Park, Odumasi Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana.

Source: www.fredericknoamesi.com

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