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Rising Young Leaders Summit


Young people are the today and future of every nation. They play key roles in development and violent conflicts. In many conflict-affected areas in Africa, the youthful energies have become a tool for the most politicians for perpetuating violent conflict and destruction of properties.

Their direct involvement in violent conflicts can largely be attributed to lack of proper education and positive engagements on one part, and at the part of the youth-laziness, unwillingness to sacrifice a little for the future- thus thinking of the easy way of acquiring wealth.

These made it possible for the youth to become vulnerable and highly influenced by some elderly who demand violent acts in return for their offers.

Against this backdrop, the Africa Centre for Peace Building is marking its 8years anniversary with the Rising Young Leaders Summit 2018 in partnership with GALs World.

The RYL Summit is a platform designed to empower the young people who have a key interest in becoming responsible leaders and change-makers in their societies.

The programme also presents a unique opportunity for participants to network.

Training Objectives:

  • To equip the youth with leadership skills that will enable them to become development agents in their respective societies
  • To develop and enhance the intellectual capabilities of participants to enable them to participate meaningfully in issues of governance and national development
  • To enhance participants with the necessary skills for self-development
  • To equip participants with skills in conflicts management
  • To adequately prepare the youth for social, religious economic and political endeavours
  • To equip the participants with basic techniques to write academic research works.

Who Can Participate?: Youth leaders in communities and educational institution

How To Participate:

Due to limited resources, AFCOPB and GALs World are selecting only 30 people for the 1st Rising Young Leaders Summit. Please click here to complete this form to be considered for participation.

All applicants selected for the summit will be contacted via email

Date: Saturday, March 31, 2018 | Venue: ACILA Conference Room, Abelenkpe-Accra

Closing Date for Application: March 15, 2018, 9am-4pm

Package: Snack, Lunch, Certificate of Participation, Conference materials

Sponsors/Partners: Senyo Global; The Emmanuel Ivorgba Foundation, Belins Modelling Agency

Media Partners: Awake Africa, FNnewsOnline.com