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Rev. Perbi bows out of MTN Ghana

Rev. Nana A. Perbi

Rev. Nana A. Perbi has brought down the curtains on his glittering MTN career after 12 years and 3 months of unblemished, diligent and unrivalled commitment to service. The success story of MTN Ghana, the biggest telecommunications network giant in Ghana cannot be written without such a towering gentleman.

Starting off from the Warehouse & Logistics department, Rev. Perbi served his best and later moved to MTN Foundation, where he contributed to most of the successes, awards and initiatives the MTN Ghana Foundation has become synonymous with. He recently

celebrated with MTN Ghana Foundation 10 years of brightening lives in Ghana and is proud of the Foundation’s establishment of over 142 projects across the 10 regions of Ghana impacting over 4million lives at an amount of over US$13.4Million.

Rev. Perbi names MTN Ghana as one of the best schools of life and one of the best places to work. MTN is an accredited Iip organization and is an award winning employer of choice. After a couple of years, Rev. Nana A. Perbi, developed his communication skills and worked with the corporate communications department of MTN Ghana. He further developed his Social Media prowess and  sharpened his Social Media strengths due to his hardworking skills and in-depth knowledge as a social media strategist. He chalked several successes and trended on main stream social media several times.

At MTN, Rev. Perbi was a father, brother, motivator, friend and someone to lean on at anytime for practical Godly counsel. He is also a founding member of the MTN Christians Fellowship.

Rev. Nana Adjei Perbi is a minister of God, author, gospel artiste, motivational speaker, dancer and a very successfully dynamic social media strategist with a master class accreditation.

“At every point in one’s life, there must be an improvement and moving on to the next level. I am delighted to be moving in this direction”, Rev. Perbi noted at the send-off get together party held to honour him. Many good wishes were shared by his colleagues at the party.

“We will really miss Rev. Perbi”, was almost everyone’s expression as they partied with him for the last time.

In moving on, Rev. Perbi did not reveal to us in our exclusive interview with him, where his next stop of beginning will be. But as a Strategist, Business Developer, Bible Evangelist, Musician and prolific Writer, it is certain that his next starting point in any of these fields will be a giant one.

Rev. Perbi is also set to release various hit medleys this year including VictoryPraiz, WarMedley, and more as well as two books from the author’s desk.

We hope and wish him all the best in his endeavours.

Story by: EllSamwise King (www.233times.com | www.paemuka.com) Follow on social media @Wise_Tskd

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