late Francis Atsu Vondee

Yesterday I read the press release from the military high command pertaining to late Airman Francis Atsu Vondee who died with #Ebony#Reigns in that gory accident and I was very satisfied even though the military high command failed to mention whether he was on official duties but whatever that is, it is the business of the military and

not ours.

They detailed their men for duties and not ours but what matters most is how they protect their men when issues like this come and I love them for that.

What matters is the prompt response the military gave to the situation by evacuating the body of the deceased airman to 37 Military Hospital within 24 hours. This shows that if he had not died at the scene, the military would have taken all the needed steps to ensure he survives it and that is what makes me fall in love with the military when it comes to these situations. After you have survived it before they begin to ask you the when, why and how questions.

They are very up and doing in these circumstances but in the case of the “MEN IN BLACK”, those who have the responsibility to ensure that you are protected behave as if they are doing you a favour. It is as if they pity before they extend a helping which in most cases come very late. There is always a complete shirk of responsiblities even when you have sustained injuries or death in line of duties. Whether you die or not, no one ask them any question so police death has become fulfilment of prophecies in this country.

I personally investigated an accident involving military men who died at Peki Wudome when I was stationed there. From the time the accident occurred till the following morning, different batches of military envoy kept trekking at the accident scene and the mortuary till the following day when they came for their dead bodies to the 37 Military Hospital. They came with towing car from Accra wanting to send the car and everything that belongs to military away. They cleared the scene and left no trace that has a link to the military. I had to struggle with them to retain the car for the DVLA Technicians to examine the car and immediately the DVLA Technicians finished examining the car, they were there to pick their car away.

They later dispatch a team of military police who kept patrolling at the scene doing their own investigations. They were constantly in touch with me to update them every step of my investigations. I once remember they requested some documents from me and I told them to apply to the police administration before I release those documents and before I realised they have applied and same was referred to my commander instructing me to give them such documents with immediate effect.

Very recently some Fulani herdsmen ambushed some police and military patrol teams at where the DCE fought with the police commander. Within the shortest possible time the military were ready to airlift their injured men to Accra for further treatments and there lies our brother so the military would have to take him along because the help is not forthcoming.

The military might have their own problems but when it comes to some of these issues, I trust them but with the “MEN IN BLACK” who cares whether you are dying or not?

My only problem with them is how they unreasonably attack police officers at times but is their fault? These days anybody can attack the police so no big deal about that.

Ahanta Apemenyimheneba Kwofie III

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