by Mathias Tulasi
Mathias Tulasi
Good evening fellow Ghanaians.

lt is very shocking and unthinkable the size of HE Nana Addo’s led government.
It is very appropriate to note that,on the 7th January,2017 when the President was officially sworn into office he did promised Ghanaians he was going to and l quote”I will protect public purse”those were the very words of the President.

He explained further and gave the assurance he would guard the public purse for the improvement of the livelihoods of all Ghanaians.
In addition he said “We must restore integrity in public life and ensure that state coffers are not exploited.”

It is mind boggling the current number of ministers and deputy

ministers of the Nana Addo government and this could be attributed to gross attempt to deplete the public purse.

This is far different from what the President said he was going to do by letting Ghanaians have value for money.

The fact remains that even by reducing the size of the government still those assignments could be done by a lean government and he must consider cutting down drastically the size of his government if he really want to keep to his words.

Looking at the cost the nation will incurred on this his elephantine government ever in the history of Ghana he will be creating redundancy and thereby not attaining his goal of protecting the public purse with this his balloon like government.

Interestingly the President promised Ghanaians he would not let them down,but  it is highly evident he has let Ghanaians down already looking at the public out cry over the size of his government.

It is very sad to hear  Mustapha Hamid, Information Minister said “they never promised a lean government during the 2016 electioneering campaign”

The question therefore is even if they never promised that,during the electioneering period which they even did,does it mean he Mustapha Hamid does not know the benefits of running a lean government?

It is because he happened to be a beneficiary of their elephantine government so he doesn’t see anything hugely wrong about it?

The size of the NPP government is very shameful and ridiculous.

For the first time in Ghana’s history in the fourth republic,a president has appointed 110 ministers.

The President must be made aware Ghanaians are very perplexed about the size of his government.

This is not the change Ghanaians voted for.The President must reduce the size of his government and l am therefore calling on all Ghanaians to join in putting the President on track. He must not be in a rush to messed up the resources of this country.

God save our homeland Ghana!


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