24th APRIL, 2017



We the coalition of unemployed bonded diploma nurses comprising of Psychiatric nurses, General nurses and midwives with a total of about 937 would like to express with bitterness our displeasure in the manner we have been treated by the government after the completion of our national service in August 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen from the media, we the said coalition completed our training from accredited public nursing training institutions in February 2015 and has rendered to the nation the one year mandatory national service which ended in august 2016.

Ladies and gentlemen from the media, we will not hesitate to bring to your cognisance the inhuman and heartless treatment rained on us by all agencies responsible for our postings.

We have written countless number of petitions to the ministry of health but all proved futile.
Ladies and gentlemen from the media, following this inhuman treatment, the leadership of this coalition made a follow up visit to the ministry of health in the form of picketing on the 28th march 2017 and fortunately met the presence of the minister, Hon.Agyemang Manu himself.

A meeting was held between our leadership and the minister which the minister himself requested for our leadership to grant him two weeks ultimatum to get us cleared and posted which they heeded to in good faith.

Our leadership paid another visit to the ministry of health for update on the agreed ultimatum (Tuesday,11th April 2017) to make enquiries about the clearance and the postings only for the Minister to inform us that, Ministry of finance has still not brought our clearance so we should go home.

The leadership and the group as a whole finds it so disgusting and disheartening to sit and allow these agencies play with our future and for this reason, we are coming out in our numbers to fight for what is rightfully due us.
We want to emphatically and without hesitation state that the minister has failed us in our agreement and we therefore call on His excellency the president of the republic of Ghana to fire him because he is not a man of His words and also exhibiting gross incompetence at His ministry.

We are therefore picketing at the premises of the ministry of health on monday (24/04/2017) with our mattresses, sponges, soaps, toothpaste and brushes to sleep there for as long as it will take us to get cleared and posted.
Ladies and gentlemen from the media, we will not be reluctant to let you know that, with tears on our faces, some of our colleagues have been evicted from their homes by their landlords due to expiration of their rent, the question we ask the good people of Ghana is, how do we renew our rents let alone cater for ourselves and our families when we are not working.

We are therefore submitting ourselves to the minister for health to accommodate us in his ministry until we are cleared and posted.

Ladies and gentlemen from the media, we received our pins/licence as professional nurses in August 2016 which will be expiring in June 2017 and the Nurses and Midwifery Council (NMC) also expects us to go and pay for renewal, failure to renew this pin at the stipulated time also attracts penalty, how do we renew this pins when we are left languishing in our homes.

Our patience have travelled to unknown destination having sat in our houses for nine(9) months after honouring to our dear nation the one year mandatory national service, so we are leaving no stone unturned this time.

Ladies and gentlemen from the media, His Excellency the vice president of Ghana have not been fair to the good people of Ghana by telling them that they have issued 11,000 clearance to nurses in their first 100 days in office, we therefore bring to His notice that February 2015 batch of diploma nurses are still battling with employment in this country.
We the said coalition are also Ghanaians and we deserve to be treated good too.
We need our posting now!!!
We plead the media to assist us in our fight for our postings.
God bless you all for supporting us.

God save graduate Nurses from unemployment!!!

Long live Ghana!!!!!

Thank you.
President—James Aguri
P.R.O- Tina Mireku

Deputy PRO… Shamsudeen

Derrick Owusu

Haruna Fuseni (secretary)-


Nana Obeng (Organizer)

sekina issaka(organizer)

Pamela Agyei(org)

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