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Other Presidents Came Back With Business Deals and Projects; My President Came Back With A Homosexual Deal

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

It’s bound to Happen says my President but we reject it in Jesus name.

I miss Comrade Robert Gabriel Mogabe.
When he was once questioned about the rights of homosexuals in his country, his response was simple, he said even Satan wasn’t a gay because he never approach Adam with the apple but Eve.

So fellow Ghanaians even if Satan who is the father of all sins wasn’t a homosexual why then is my President pushing for gay

rights in Ghana?

It’s funny to hear Npp communicators say it’s because Nana is a lawyer that’s why he is fighting for the rights of the homosexuals but thank God for Rev. Opuni’s quick response to them by comparing Nana with President Mills who was a law lecturer but made his stand known and firm on this very evil act.

When Obama visited Kenya in 2015 and tried to intimidate Uhuru Kenyatta with the gay issue, Kenyatta made it clear to him on a live joint press conference that Kenya wouldn’t bow to western pressures to legalize same sex because the people know what they want just as president Mills did.

But my President after using my tax to travel to UK, he came home with nothing but a Homosexual deal in exchange of 40million dollars to finance his Free SHS.

Kwame Nkrumah Traveled to US and brought Akosombo Dam.

Rawlings traveled to US and UK and came with funds for rural electrification. He traveled again and brought ten regional regional hospitals.

Kuffour traveled to India and brought Flagstaff House and two Presidential Jets,

Mills traveled China and came with Ghana Gas, Kotokoraba market and Cape coast studia

JM traveled to US and UK and brought 200 E-blocks and 700 buses for Senior High Schools, He traveled again to China and Brazil and brought Circle Dubai, Kasowa interchange and Komenda Sugar factory. He again traveled, came with Greater Accra Regional Hospital and Kejetia market and many more.

Nana Addo my president traveled instead of him to learn from the past Presidents, he decided to come home with Homosexual deal.
What a President!

Just last two weeks he went to church and said he will never depart from the principles of the Bible as a President but here we are today debating the President’s agenda to legalize Homosexual in Ghana against the wish of the people, the holy bible and Holy Qur’an

No wonder this government is full of lies and nothing else.

Thank God Ghana has risen up against the plans of the devils in order not to turn Ghana into Sodom and Gomorrah.

Am still surprise some of our religious leaders are Still quite on the President’s stand on homosexuality and we are still waiting for the vice President who is a muslim’s position on this gay debate his boss his generated.

What Ghanaians need at this time is the NDC so that we can rescue Ghana in the hands of the homosexual promoters.

Let’s continue to work hard because Victory 2020 is bound to happen

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A NDC Regional Youth Organiser Hopeful

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  1. You are right my brother, we have to wake up and start preparing serious about the 2020 elections because the current government is messing up with the future of our children by promoting homosexuality.

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