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President Akufo-Addo and NPP Gov’t Are Just Like Ananse The Greedy Master!!

Commentary by AZIZ JUNA, Nkwanta, V/R

In the resent past, Ghanaians voted John Dramani MAHAMA and the NDC government out based on already made and comforted allegations by president Nana Addo, Dr Bawumia and the cacophonous activists of the map machinery calling for change. This gave their boat a safe ride on the principle of rule of law, equal justice and fundamental human right to the shore of the presidency.

Just like the nature of ANANSE, president Akufo Addo the stooge of Bawumia and the self seeking Akyem  Mafia’s made an idiot out of Ghanaians. President Akufo Addo campaigned of NDC and JM running an affair of family and friends governance and so there is a need for change, but now that nip and NANA Addo incapable is in government, what are we seeing? The presidency is assembled by family and friends of which he campaigned on.

Ghanaians are compelled to add Akufo, Addo or Dankwa to their names since this is the order of the day. No Addo, Akufo or Dankwa no vital position. An old aged president Akufo Addo saw nothing wrong with Bugri Naabu’s huge allegations of knowing murderers of Adams MAHAMA and also the corruption allegations made by Obolo Afisa Djaba but wants an apology for a case on-going in court. Was apology not enough on montie 3 case? As a citizen and not a spectator Ghanaians need a serious investigation into Bugri Naabu and Otiko Djaba case.




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