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Pay Us Our Trainee Allowances; Nurse Trainee Writes To Gov’t

Babanawo Courage Kwabla

A level 300 student of the Tamale Nursing and Midwifery Training College, Mr. Babanawo Courage Kwabla has conveyed a message of flashback to the government, citing reasons for what he called a political mischief by the current government during their time in opposition.

His statements go like this:

“It was was barely a year and a half ago , when we the Nurses trainees fell flat to what I call the mischiefs of the present day government over issues surrounding the nursing profession.

Little did the good people of Ghana ,most specially our nurses under

training knew that , this government was using them to capture power and dump them like how they did to the recently suspended deputy sports minister.

The fabricated lies of the current government overshadowed the good sentiments of the erstwhile administration ( NDC ) . Little did our colleague nurses know that , the NPP government was using them to achieve their political agenda called ‘political power’ other than a ‘visionary power ‘ .

The current government branded the nurse trainees as ‘nurses for change’ amongst other names , and even to the extent of using the smaller-sized kalypo to confuse and mislead their states of mind .

Today , who knew nurses trainee allowances would still not have been paid after launching it in September last year….???

Who knew our would-be nurses would still not have been posted despite the nurse – patient ratio the nation presently face….???

Which of these nurses trainees knew that after the kalypo season , the government would have been treating them this way ……..????

Have we ever thought of those predicaments ……..????

Today , our colleagues who hold in high integrity , the health status of mother Ghana are being treated as antagonists to the sector .

Today , our colleagues from the nursing fraternity could not be given financial clearance but 110 ministers can be paid billions of Ghana cedis . ministers can be paid over ghc20m annually minus allowances, perks etc”.
The govt claimed it had a flagship programme called planting for food abd jobs, what happened to it? Last year when army worms invaded Ghana, a whooping ghc16m was spent by govt to purchase what was described as “fake pesticides, today we are told by the ministry of food and agriculture that, the army worms have come to stay.

“The former president John Dramani Mahama and his appointees , in every month , sacrificed ten percent (10 %) of their salaries to establish CHPPS compounds across the length and breadth of mother Ghana , just for nurses to be employed into such structures .

The previous government did much investments to support the health sector just because of days like this .

Today , how many of us can attest to the fact that , this government has paid the allowances up-to-date, as promised our colleagues….??? Even the four months paid as in last year are being demanded for by the government , through the ministry of health. I dare this government never to temper with our results as purported in an audio recording that went viral .

How many of us can boldly say that our colleague nurses trainees are being treated fairly …..???

The popular saying ‘Had I known always comes at last’ , is indifferent from the current plights of our colleague nurses trainees.

I feel very sad for my colleague nurses but nothing could I do than to empower them never to stop opting for postings as preached by the current government .

I don’t want to believe the Ewe saying which has its special meaning other than the surface meaning and which says ‘they have shaken hands with a monkey’ , was the actions of my colleague nurses way back in 2016. But I believe nurses may not commit the special meaning of my aforementioned quote should they be given the second chance .

I pen down my feelings NEVER to make mockery of my colleagues of the aforementioned profession , but to rather bring to bare , our good old days of Kalypo and our present days of demonstration” .

Long Live Ghana ,

Long live nurses .

Written By :

Mr. Babanawo Courage Kwabla
Tamale Nursing and Midwifery Training College
Level 300
Registered General Nursing (RGN)

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