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ONE MAN, ONE BULLET: Nana Addo’s Operation Shoot and Kill Galamseryers Policy

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, B/A NDC Youth Organizer Hopeful

I watched one of the galamseyers on Joynews broadcast which was aired this evening saying John Mahama should forgive him and his colleagues.

He said he was part of those who insulted and invested his galamsey money into Nana Addo’s campaign just because John Mahama called Kyebi the capital of galamsery operations.

One of them also said they were severally engaged by the previous administration (NDC) on how to streamline the galamsey operations in the country to give a job to the unemployed youths and also prevent the unfortunate deaths as well as protect our forest, water bodies and the environment at large.

They said they were polluted by the sweet words of the elephants and even gave their earnings from their galamsey job to finance the party in opposition.

If we can all recollect, John Mahama was insulted and called wicked by Nana Addo and the NPP for not doing much for galamseyers. And even accused Mahama of deliberately planning to collapse the galamsey business to render the youths jobless.

The Chief of Kyebi was one of the fierce critics Mahama because he condemned the galamsey act and called for a “human face policy” that will streamline the work for the galamseyers since that is where lots of the youths get their daily bread.

Some Chiefs as well rose up against Mahama just because politically if they support Mahama’s roadmap for fighting the menace he will be credited for it.

Because Nana Addo and the NPP were desperate for power they condemned Mahama and called him a wicked man who want to deny the miners their livelihood by rendering them jobless.

Nana was emphatic that he will rather stand by the galamseyers and help them improve their jobs.

Today am still shocked to the bone when Nana Addo instead of finding innovative ways of dealing with the menace just as Mahama started, rather declared war on the galamseyers with the help of the media and even directing the soldiers to shoot and kill the galamseyers.

Nana Addo and the NPP has soon forgotten that it was these same people who sponsored their campaign and made them who them who they are today.

With over 110 ballooned Ministers, NPP and Nana Addo couldn’t find any innovative ways to deal with the issue rather than resulting in this ungodly policy. Very pathetic!

Ghana became shocked when some galamseyers were initially shot and killed by the operation vanguard who were ordered by the joint ministerial task force to shoot and kill the galamseyers.

Parliament is a house of records and I am shocked at Joseph Osei, Osei Kyei Mensah the majority leader, and the substandard defense minister calling for the outright execution of miners as their new strategy of fighting galamsey.

Since when has capital punishment become a solution for fighting environmental crime in Ghana?

Does it mean today under Nana Addo’s presidency miners have no right?

No wonder the soldiers carried out the directives of the defense minister by burning trucks and equipment instead handing them over the police as per the dictates of our constitution.

Since this statement was made Nana Addo the human rights lawyer has never said anything to condemn the statement made by his loyal cabinet ministers and Speaker Of Parliament (dep). This shows that they were carrying out the directives of our commander in Chief.

The frightening aspect of the issue is that the call wasn’t made by their serial callers but the top three senior NPP officials who are cabinet members. The Speaker of Parliament (dep), The Majority Leader and the Defense Minister.

I wonder if our men of God who were very loud during Mahama’s administration have all travelled out of the country.

God is up there watching us from above.

The shoot to kill policy by Nana Addo and his people is wickedness, very barbaric and inhuman on the part of someone who claims he is a human rights lawyer.

NDC is not against the government fighting the galamsey menace which we started before leaving office but as our parliamentarian clearly stated on the floor of the house, we want innovative ways to solve the menace instead of resulting to these barbaric and inhuman methods.

The God of Mahama is really at work 24/7.

2020 is possible but it’s just a matter of time.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

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