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Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

Today marks exactly a year when we gave the 2016 elections to the Npp on a silver platter.

We lost with a historic 44.4% which has never happened in the history of our party.

It was indeed a shock to us, an unimaginable lost, in fact a historic lost.

A lost that sent sharp pains through my spine that very night in Berekum East Constituency collation center when the results were been announced.

A lost that nearly gave some of us heart problem because of how deep we were into the elections.

A lost that we have not recovered from since last year.

A lost that most of us think was self inflicted and was avoidable if we had acted smart ahead of the NPP.

This is a lost that has brought pain and hardship to Ghanaians because of how the elephants are now struggling with lies to manage the country.

A painful ONAAPO lost that we will never forget as a party and comrades.

Never Again Comrades! Never again should this happen to us.

Never again should our next government neglect the party structures during campaign as claimed some party officials.

Never Again my fellow youths, Never again should our National Youth Organizers be sidelined

Never again should our grassroots be neglected by those who claim they matter but forgot that it was the sweat of the grassroots that gave them power to occupy those positions.

Never again should the party officers be allowed to suffer cash trap and refused assistance at the polling stations and constituencies and regional levels by some of our appointees when it comes to managing the party financially.

Never again comrades, Never again should appointees sack comrades from their offices by telling them the office is a public office but not a party office forgetting that it was the party that gave them the power to occupy those offices.

Never again should absolute power be given to appointees over party executives because they are in position to financially sponsor the party from our own sweat.

Never again should cadres and those who have toiled for the party be neglected when it’s time to share the cake of the party.

Never again should we forget of the norms that makes us different from the NPP after winning power.

Never Again should we deliberately refuse to vote because we are hurt by the actions of some government officials.

Never again Should Volta Region be turned into Voters Region and only get attention when it’s time for elections.

Never again should we neglect our Pro NDC media and starve them with adverts and rather empower NPP media houses like Daily guide, the new crusading guide and others. I see this action by some of our leaders as purely witchcraft and nothing else.

Feeding Daily guide and new crusading guide and starving the Alhaji news paper, daily post, muntie, radio and TV gold and the rest who do the dirty work for the party.

Comrades, never again should our hardworking Youths be neglected by our own government in the name of governmental policies, decisions and issues of Certificates when it’s time for recruitment. Never Again.

It’s already a year and I believe lots of lessons have been learnt already from our lost.

Let’s use today to reflect, restore, restructure, and replan to recapture power come 2020.

2020 is possible comrades, its just a matter of time.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

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