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Oil and Gas Vs. Renewable Energy: The Event You Must Attend

Oil and Gas Vs. Renewable Energy: The case of Africa in achieving sustainable Development Goal 7

Africa is endowed with energy resources, but very poor in energy supply. Making reliable and affordable energy widely available is critical to the development of a region that accounts for 13% of the world’s population, but only 4% of its energy demand. A severe shortage of essential electricity infrastructure is undermining efforts to achieve more rapid social and economic development. For the minority that has a grid connection today, supply is often unreliable, necessitating widespread and costly private use of back-up generators running on diesel or gasoline. Electricity tariffs are, in many cases, among the highest in the world and, outside South Africa, losses in poorly maintained transmission and distribution networks are double the world average.

Almost 30% of global oil and gas discoveries made over the last five years have been in Africa, reflecting growing global appetite for African resources. Sub-Saharan Africa starts to unlock its vast renewable energy resources, with almost half of the growth in electricity generation to 2040 coming from renewables. Hydropower accounts for one-fifth of today’s power supply, but less than 10% of the estimated technical potential has been utilised.

The event will bring together academics, business representatives and experts to discuss what the future holds for Africa in achieving Sustainable, affordable and clean energy, in the abundance of Oil and Gas as well as its vast renewable energy resources. The strategy to maintain an energy mix for its benefit and what research and support will be needed for policy makers.

Date: 23 May 2017 TBC

Time: 10am to 13pm TBC

Venue : Coventry University, London Campus.

109-117 Middlesex St, London E1 7JF

Email: africa.alternativeenergy@gmail.com to book your place

The event is in partnership with Coventry University, London Campus

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