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No! Asamoah Gyan Never Said He Uses Juju As Reported

Ghana Black Star Captain, Asamoah Gyan, never said he used Juju to play football. The captain of Ghana national team sit down with Delay for an interview for the celebration of his 50th goals in his football career which was over shadow by the news of him using customer made Captain badge with has his picture.

As reported by major news site like citifm that Gyan confirmed using mallams, in our understanding juju man. What Asamoah said during the interview with Delay is that football game in general is a spiritual sport and as he went on to uses the ball itself to narrate his view about the most interesting sport in the world.

Gyan said the air in the ball is spiritual and it appropriate to say the game itself is spiritual. Since he deems the game as spiritual, then one must get a spiritual protection to play the game.

Spiritual man is not a juju man or Mallam. I don’t think if a Christian goes to a pastor for prayers for protection,the pastor can be refer to as juju man.

So why is our Muslim spiritual man are been label as juju man? To me what the captain said is true, one need a protection to be successful in any career and whichever spirituality they believe in should be deemed as evil one.

If he consult a Mallam for prayers what’s wrong with that. My fellow Ghanaians should be very careful on how we are quick to judge our fellow citizens on their beliefs. The media had twisted his honest answer to demonize him.


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