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NABCO Policy: Coalition of Unemployed Nurses protest against gov’t

The leadership of the Coalition of Unemployed Nurses (CUN) has served notice they will hit the street in Accra on Monday, 7th, May 2018 to register their displeasure to Government over the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO).

The Nation Builders Corps, NABCO was launched last week by government to provide a 3 year contract to unemployed graduates with

monthly allowance of GHc700.00. The module which was initiated by the previous government under the Youth Employment Agency, YEA  has been repacked, separated from the YEA and launched.

One will expect that this should come as a good news to unemployed graduates, but it is not in the case of unemployed nurses.

According to them, the policy does not favour them as it denies them many benefits enjoyed by their colleagues already employed by government through the nurses recruitment process.

Speaking to Awake News, Mr. Akugri Rashid Asuntaba, the Press Secretary of the Coalition explained that the policy will only give them temporal engagement of three years which will even end up locking them from taking any other opportunity and prevent them from getting those benefits both financial and self development as it’s being enjoyed by their colleagues already employed by government.

According to him, nurses that are employed in the government sector with certificate takes salary between GHc1,000 and GHc1,200 whiles those employed with diploma takes close to GHc1,500 per month.

He reveled that any nurse that has serve the nation for about 2-3 years enjoyed study leave and also training workshops that helps them in their professional career.

Mr. Asuntaba further revealed that during the cause of their duty as nurses dealing with the lives of human beings, there are times that they face legal issues in line of duty which when the legal issues arise, the Nurses and Midwifery Council supports with services of lawyers.

However, being a nurse under the NABCO programme will deny them of all these benefits.

“Now, if a nurse enrolls on their programme, which association will they belong to or how will they by called – NABCO Nurses?” He quizzed.

Below is the notice to their members for the protest:

The leadership of the Coalition of Unemployed Nurses (CUN) wishes to inform its members to stand firm and prepare for the demonstration against government’s decision to employ us through NABCO.

We are hereby calling all our members across the country to turn out in their numbers for this much important peaceful Demonstration.

We have met the various associations who have kicked against the program today and we have agreed unanimously to hit the streets of Accra on Monday, 7th, May 2018 to register our displeasure to Government.

The demonstration will start from Obra – spot (Kwame Nkrumah circle) and end at hearts of oak Park in Accra. Our members are entreated to be in uniform with red bands on their neck or arms as we prepare the Placards.

Those who are doing their service are therefore directed to print the letter issued by Ghana Nurses and Midwives Trainees Associations (GNMTA) to their various health facilities for permission to join us on Monday 7th May 2018., 7:00am prompt.

NOTE, both public and private unemployed nurses has rejected the offer, any publications on media or social media saying that we have agreed is fake and should be ignored. No unemployed nurse should be deceived to join the program. keep following us for more updates on our various social media platforms.

We thank our members for their massive support and encouragement.

Don’t doubt us, all is set for 7th May 2018.

Any further development shall be duly communicated to you all at the appropriate time.

#CUN, One for all
#CUN, All for one

……… Signed………

Paul Selorm

Akugri Rashid Asuntaba


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