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The struggle moves on inexorably and relentlessly to its inevitable and logical conclusion and the next few months will decide a historic fate of UCC – SRC for generations to come. This is the time for mighty decisions and brave deeds. The difficulty the battle, the greater share of the honor; and with the backing and support of all students who share the same aspirations and ideals of Team Naa oo Naa, we shall not

struggle in vain.

The SRC, we believe must always be indicted to the bar of the general students’ opinion, not a group of ‘elected members.’ Team Naa oo Naa believes an election is the first step in the expression of our students’ power which must not end there. our students cannot always keep living on promises and rumors that something good will turn up, we must never relax our efforts, we must all actively work until we have actually achieved all the good things, this is where students true power lies and this is where I, Naa oo Naa, Rachael Aryee derive my inspirations from.

Below is the list of the achievements of the UCC-L NUGS WOCOMS under I, Naa oo Naa Rachael Aryee’s leadership and direction.

  1. We took fervent and unceasing actions to solve problems facing women on campus: Rape cases, sexual harassment and security issues.
  2. The first time the WOCOM collaborated with CEGRAD in the celebration of IWD.
  3. Member of the planning committee and stakeholder in 2015 IWD celebrations.
  4. The WOCOM had an initiative with its mandate to support the visually impaired students and stressed the role of SRC/LNUGS in addressing issues facing female students and religious bodies on campus. Presidents/Vice president of all hall of residence, leaders of denominational groups and executives of visually impaired were involved in achieving this.
  5. First time the office of WOCOM donated Braille sheets to the visually impaired students on campus.
  6. Organization of health screening and blood donations exercise.
  7. Made the office of the WOCOM more visible and conspicuous to students.
  8. Creating platforms where students exercised right and power to contribute in the decision making of WOCOM.

I believe one person cannot do it, few leaders cannot do it, but when all students and leaders share common ideals and purpose, we can come together in an organization to fight for a cause. Leaders may come and go, they may rise and fall, but students remain forever, and they can only be joined together by a leader that is active and virile and unwaveringly promoting and defending the interest of all students. The role of the SRC is of paramount importance, for victimization, bribery and corruption, defaulting of leaders and other vicissitudes are strewn and almost a normal practice, but these test the stamina of leaders; these test the preparedness of people for emancipation from age-long unproductive means of assuming student leadership, and leaders and students are to be very wary of these kind of traits in our student politics.

Forward, gallants students of our uncompetitive school, towards a genuine and productive change. Fronting Students Agenda Through Dedication.

I am for Rachael Aryee

NAA OO NAA for SRC President 2018/2019




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