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MzVee, I Want To Come And See Your Mother

Dear MzVee,

Iwrite to inform you that I am very ready to come all the way to Ghana to see your mother so I can take you home.

I am really in love with you and I have to hurry up to come quickly to see your mother before someone else does. I will not be able to contain the pain and physiological trauma if someone else takes you away from me because you are the woman of high quality who wants not my money.

I really need your body for the rest of my life so I will want to make it very official. Please, be expecting me soon.

The way you dressed in Africa prints, your politeness and your insistence that I must see your mother first made me convinced that if I bypass you, I will never get your type again.

MzVee, I am not like that ‘Oga landlord’ who changes women like his cloth who is not even ready to follow Yemi Alade to Nigeria and see her mother first. Please, I am coming.

MzVee, since you released your recent song titled “Come And See My Moda” featuring Yemi Alade, it was this evening before I had time to listen to it and also watched the video. I have downloaded my copy anyway. I have repeated it more than 100 times already. I am still playing it as I take my pen and paper to write to you.

The messages the song carries and the pictorial representation emanating from your dressing and your home really push me to write this little piece to openly declare my love for you, your choice of dressing and your music.

You have really brought to mind the exact reflection of our rich culture and moral values we have in our African societies which are exhibited when it comes to issues of relationship and marriage. You have indeed given us the values in a true African home on how they culture their children to become moral societal icons.

You have reminded me and many other African young men that for them to get the quality they need in their future wives, they must do so by following up to that beautiful woman right to their home – where charity, they say begins. It is also reminding us that once you approach a lady who tells you to come home and see her mother if indeed you want her as a future wife, then you must know that she is the quality you want.

The song also seeks to inform our African young women who are ripe for marriage that men that will want to follow them right to their homes and see their parents before they have something to do with them are the true and quality men that will take them far.

MzVee, thank you for this great message and I think this song is a wakeup call for our falling African moral standard.

I have declared this song as the Africa Song of the Year!

Your unknown lover

Efo Korsi Senyo

Efo, is the Executive Editor of Awake Africa and CEO fo Senyo Global

Watch the video:

Source: AwakeAfrica.com

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