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Meet Unycemusic: Ghana’s Most Sensational New Songstress

New Stars is a show on awake TV and www.awakeafrica.com where we bring you upcoming celebrities. We ask them questions which presents you the opportunities to know them better – some of their challenges and how they overcome them.

This week, our Host, Daavy Eli caught up with one of the fastest rising dynamic Unyce.

We have on the seat, a new vibrant artist who is clearing the waves like never before.
She is talented and superfluous at what she does.
A well educated young Ghanaian from the Northern part of Ghana.
She will blow your mind off!
Keep calm….join me and let’s flow with Unyce

Here we go……………

Eli: Hello Unyce
It’s an honour meeting you and having you on the New Stars couch – a seat that makes you a star.
I’m Eli the Host of ‘New Star’ and want to have some few minutes of your time

Unyce: Okay. Thanks. Nice meeting you too.

Eli: Can I and your fans know your real name please?

Unyce: I’m Eunice Wesoamu Tedam

Eli: Nice!
I guess your stage name Unyce was derived from your real first name. Right?

Unyce: Yes. I just changed the spelling to make it more stylish but it’s the same pronunciation as my original first name.

Eli: Beautiful!
Very creative.
People following this interview now would love to know who Unyce is, her inspiration, her career and most especially her background.
What is there to be known, can you please tell us who Unyce is?

Unyce: Eunice Tedam is a 5.9 feet tall HR Specialist, Musician, Marketer and model from Paga in the Upper East

Region. Born in Accra, brought up a little in Tema but lived most of my life in Takoradi.
I had my primary and senior high education in Takoradi. After which I completed the University of Ghana, Legon with a Degree in Psychology and Information Studies. I posses adequate marketing skills and have a great passion for music.
Currently working on my dream to become a music legend and an ambassador and or marketer of a good brand in Ghana and the world at large.

In addition, I work with Nestlé Central and West Africa Limited.

I take inspiration from successful people and love to read success stories. I’m a strong believer of God’s word and I live in faith and love.

I see myself as a role model.

There are a lot of dreamers but a few dream chasers. I happen to be one of the few…

Eli: wow!
That’s a lot said about you
In the above, you made it clear you are working on your dream to become a music legend.
Does this mean you just found a new passion you are chasing or you knew you will be doing music right from day one?

Unyce: Yes, oh – I knew from day one. Infact it has been my dream since childhood

Eli: Nice!

Unyce: Well. I’ve always been a lover of music and a singer since 10 years. But the decision to take music as a career was made when I was in the university. So I’ve been working towards that. More especially now.
But I’ve always had the dream to be a musician somehow.

Eli: Right!
Why do you choose music? and why Now?

Unyce: Well music to Unyce is more like music chose Unyce. I just found myself singing. I just can’t explain much. It’s more like what is written is written.
Now, my passion for music has grown even more and I’m getting more recognized and appreciated for music as the days go by and I’m taking it on to another level

Eli: What kind of songs do you do and what new are you bringing on board?

Unyce: I do RnB, afropop, Afro beat and lovers’ rock.
I’m bringing on board to the Ghanaian Music Industry diversity and consistency. A kind Ghanaians have not seen yet.
Generally, I am here to project Ghana and Africa

Eli: That’s good news!
Do you think the industry haven’t got enough?

Unyce: No.
Music never dies out. People would always love and want more music

Eli: Incredible!
Who is your ‘role model’ as people will always like to say, in the music industry
and why?
Let’s also know if you have none.

Unyce: Mmmm,…. Lol
Well I won’t call them role models

Eli: OK
What do you call them then?

Unyce: I’d say, I just like Efya’s kind of music and her nice voice.
Also like Rihanna cos she’s diverse and her performances are superb.
So I’d call them the 2 singers I cherish.

Eli: Okay..
So far Unyce, how many songs have you done?
Do you have any album?

Unyce: I have one song for now.
Would be releasing my 2nd very soon and this is all geared towards an album.

Eli: How do you feel about your new career?

Unyce: It’s really a nice feeling to be recognized for something you love so much! – music.
Glory be to God!

Eli: How do you intend to take your music career further?

Unyce: The plan is to keep working hard and releasing very good songs out there, promote them very well and get known by the masses. Also, be consistent with my music and endeavour to reach greater platforms not only in Ghana but world wide.

Eli: If you should have the opportunity to feature an artist local or international, who will that be, why and what will that mean to you as an upcoming artist?

Unyce: To nail this selection down to one; I will go for Stonebuoy because I admire and respect his style of music. His consistency and success in the music industry is ideal. Also, his dancehall feel of music as I am not known to do dancehall, bringing him on board will mean including versatility into what I do.
Lastly I believe doing a song with an already well recognized artiste would draw more attention to the song and me as an artiste.

Eli: Indeed, you have nailed it!

Unyce: Thank you

Eli: Welcome
What are some of the challenges you face as an upcoming musician?
How do you deal with these challenges if there are any?

Unyce: Well having to combine all my interests together. As I’m a corporate worker, a marketer and MUSICIAN. One has to really manage her time very well to do all that. Also it’s a bit of a struggle trying to get well recognized musically. But I believe it’s a matter of time!

Eli: Have you ever felt discouraged in your newly found career?

Unyce: Yes, I have sometimes. But I just told myself never to give up!

Eli: Great! Then, thus a challenge you are trying to overcome.

Unyce: right!

Eli: Do you mind telling us exactly what issues you face sometimes?

Unyce: Lol, it wasn’t an issue per say. Just the whole struggle getting to the top and being nationwide recognized, also the fear of how to handle the publicity that comes with fame; not going to have a very private life somehow.
Also, the pressure of the need to come out with very striking songs consistently to save my brand in the music industry…
Some of these reasons get me worried at some point.

Eli: wow!
Thank God you already have a plan in dealing with some of these.
All the best

Unyce: Yes, we thank God
Thanks dear

Eli: Thanks so much for your time today!
Lastly, before you take leave of us, what do you have for your fans?

Unyce: Yes finally!
What I have for my fans is, thank you for supporting and believing in Unyce Music. I will definitely make you proud!

Remember to be you, believe in yourself, NEVER GIVE UP on your dreams and trust in God!

Eli: mmmm
That’s powerful!

Unyce: Been a nice discussion

Eli: Yes, but stressful
Hope i didn’t stress you too much?

Unyce: Owww…. It’s was okay. It was a good one!

And that’s how we end with the New booming Star UnyceMusic
Already taking off….
Check her out on her social media:

Twitter: Unyce_music    ||  Facebook Page: Unyce Music  || Snap Chat: MiSUnyce || Instagram: Unyce_music

And get connected…..
She is very social and waiting to say hello to her fans!
Thank you readers for being with me throughout this interview with our Superflous Unyce
Catch us in the next episode New Stars – “The Light Is On!”

Watch Unyce first single 

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