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Meet Mariam Boateng, CEO Of Mari-Love Ushering Agency

Mariam Teboah Boateng is a Ghanaian-born female Entrepreneur, Television Producer, Journalist, Youth Advocator and the founder of Mari-Love Ushering Agency.

Mariam Boateng who also doubles as the Governor of GALs World, a non-profit organization championing the course of woman has had a wonderful childhood experience.

Growing up, she was being inspired by so many things and very adventurous because of her love for singing, reading, swimming, fashion, and marketing.

Mariam Boateng, ambitious as she is enrolled at the Ghana Broadcasting (GBC) Training School right after her Senior High School education to be trained as a producer.

She took jobs with some media companies after completing her course at the Ghana Broadcasting Training School before giving birth to her first company, Mari-Love Ushering Agency.

Yes, Mariam Boateng seemed not happy the way and manner in which ushering are being handled in Ghana, hence, her decision to change the face of ushering.

Mari-Love Ushering Agency is changing the face of ushering and the company has been engaged by many for their unique services. Although the company is young, it is fast becoming the number one choice for people and choice when it comes to Ushering because of its impressive Clientele.

Mariam Boateng is full of hopes that her company will be able to help curb the high of unemployment in Ghana.

She has also featured in movies which are doing very well in the Ghanaian market.

It has always been the joy of Mariam Boateng to see her fellow young women take bold steps in life just to put smiles on the faces of others

Source: fnnewsonline.com

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