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May 4-14: Rotary Club Accra & India To Provide Free Medical Health Care

The Rotary Clubs of Accra – Ring Road Central and Rotary Clubs, India are providing free surgeries and medical consultations to patients with eye, skin, heart, dental and other general health problems.

Do you know anyone with a health condition that requires surgery?


The services will be available FREE of charge at the following hospitals:

LEKMA Hospital
La General Hospital
Ridge Regional Hospital

Surgeries available include:
• General surgery (plus Laparoscopic and Cholecystectomy procedures)
• Plastic surgery
• Orthopedic surgery
• Eye Surgeries
• Oro- dental Surgery
• Complex Gynecological Surgeries
• Urology procedures

Date: 4 May – 14 May 2017

Register for this free health treatment 26 April – 7 May 2017 at the LEKMA or La General Hospital

Please call the Rotary Ghana Medical Hotline +233 50 468 2068 for further assistance.

This FREE medical mission is funded by the Rotary Foundation

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