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Mahama Is Indeed The Worse President Ghana Has Ever Had

Efo Worlanyo Tsekpo, B/A NDC Youth Organizer Hopeful

Matthew Opoku Prempeh once again has shown the world his hatred for the former president Mahama.

Initially, I decided not to respond to all his insults on the former President but later realised am on the same page with him for saying Mahama is the worse President Ghana has ever had.

The statements from NAPO showed how ignorant he is about the

ministry he is heading.

There was a time he also insulted the respected Naana Agyeman Opoku the former Education Minister.
If not for politics who is NAPO to insult Prof. Naana?

Last month, the Chief Justice made a comment about the free SHS been poorly implemented and managed and as a matter of urgency called for stakeholders dialogue.

The Education ministry was grateful to her Lordship about the call and even said they welcome such views and believe such calls will help achieve successes as a ministry.

But I was shocked when Mahama made similar comments about the Free SHS he was told to go to hell and has been tagged as the worse President Ghana has ever had.

NAPO was right, Mahama is the worse President.

He is the worse President for initiating and constructing 127 out of 200 proposed community day schools. An unprecedented achievement in the entire world where 127 SHS were within a pace of three years started from a scratch where NAPO now has as a place to post his free SHS students.

Yes Mahama is the worse President for been the architect of the followings under the Minister of Education with Prof. Naana.

√ Over 100 million exercise books were distributed under the last administration.

√ 32 million exercise books were distributed to 4,768,806 pupils across the country.

To break it down:

√10 million exercise books were distributed in 2014

√ In 2013, Government distributed 12.5 million English, Mathematics and Science textbooks to public basic schools

The Minister should check records available in his ministry and would know that- This enabled Ghana to exceed the universal textbook-pupil ratio of three textbooks per pupil ( 3 textbooks for one pupil)

The ratio stood at 4:1 ( four textbooks for one pupil)

√Six million textbooks were distributed

√ Fifteen million (15,000,000) exercise books were distributed

√30 thousand computers were distributed to schools across the country

√ 11,300 mono desks

√20,000 dual desks and workshop for pre-school children.

√To improve on reading at the primary level, a US$71 million Ghana Reading Action Plan (G-RAP) which targeted 2.8 million pupils was implemented

√ Improvement in quality and facilities in our secondary schools

√ School uniforms and Sandals for students in selected basic schools.

√ Provision of scholarships to needy students in our various Senior High Schools.

√ Capacity building for over 6,5000 mathematics, science and ICT teachers

√Leadership Training for Secondary school Heads etc etc

√ 127 Community day SHS out of the proposed 200.

√ Progressively free SHS

√ Upgrading of Polytechnics to Technical Universities and many others.

The few achievements of Mahama’s administration I have enumerated showed how committed Mahama’s administration was to give the best of Education to all sectors of our Education ladder from pre-schools to the tertiary level.

Instead of NAPO to learn and build on the rich legacy of the Mahama’s government, he rather chose to demonize him any time he gets the opportunity to speak to the media.

Instead of NAPO to sit down to find solutions to the current challenges in his ministry, he just decided to blame Mahama for his failure as the Education Minister.

As I always do say, the God of Mahama and the NDC is still alive and making the NPP very much confused about every action they take.

Am still a citizen and not just a spectator.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO

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