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Koya Celebrates 2017 Annual Convention In Saboba

Konkomba Youth Association -KOYA marked their 40th Convention during the weekends in Saboba the capital town of Konkombas in Ghana.

Konkomba Youth Association was formed in 1977 and has been one of the vibrant Associations that served as Official mouthpiece of Konkomba ethnic group in Ghana. The Association has branches in all 16 Konkomba dominated districts across the country and a branch in the United States of America (USA). The Convention brought together all branch Konkombas from the 16 Konkomba dominated Districts across the Regions of Ghana. The convention started on the 14th of April to 15th on the Theme: ” Empowering the Youth for Economic Development; the role of the Konkomba Youth Association”

The grand durbar was climaxed the event on  the 15th.

On the  14th, Konkombas,mostly leaders from various branches deliberated on issues that worry Konkombas. Some of the issues included the neglect of Konkomba culture due to religious indoctrination, the welfare of the Association members, Fulani herdsmen menage to farmers, issues of Peace and how to make the Association more vibrant.

On Religion, the speakers expressed their views on how religious beliefs perceive Konkomba culture as sin and for that matter causing apathy among members of those religion in availing themselves for Konkomba Dance,Marriage rites,and arts and some belief systems that sustained the konkomba society. They called on All Konkombas to see culture as a way of life and not a sin since culture is different from adol worship.

Many of the Konkomba Chiefs lamented on the Fulani herdsmen menage, according to the  speakers, Konkombas are noted for farming especially yam and cassava farming but over the years some chiefs who take money from the Fulani herdsmen to allow them stay on their farm lands with the cattle which destroyed their crops. Chiefs from Ejura Brong-Ahafo Region said the activities of these Fulani herdsmen has rendered them hungry this year since all their cassava was destroyed.

On The Marriage rites, Konkomba chiefs cried out to the youth to go back to the culture and pay dowry before getting married as it used to be  in past days not enter marital relationships without the societal knowledge and approval for the control on sexual morality.

The other issue raised by representatives of Konkomba Students Union-KONSU was the issue of Female-child education which is not embraced by Konkombas, they urged all Konkombas to take proper care of their female Children in School as done to male counter parts. They also urged parents to desist from given out their daughters for marriage at teen ages. They also urged Konkomba men to stay away from given out their daughters for marriage while they are still in School, mostly a practice by which girls stay with their boyfriends while attending school which mostly lead to School drop out due to pregnancies.

Other Speakers call on all Konkombas to embrace peace and live peacefully with their neighbours, they made a point that people normally tagged Konkombas as warlike but that assertion is never true since Konkombas are peace loving people and are hard working.

The Convention Brought Konkomba dignitaries from both within and outside the country, among the dignitaries included: The former Ghana’s ambassador to Angola, Hon. Moses Bukari Mabingbaan, Former Deputy Chief of staff in charge of operations under John Mahama administration Hon. Kennedy Ujangi, Former Member of Parliament for Saboba Hon. Joseph Bukari Ninkpe, Former member of Parliament for Nkwanta North: Hon. Joseph Kweku Nayan, the current member of Parliament for Saboba and former Minister of Local Government and Rural Development in Kufuor’s administration, Hon. Charles Binipom Bintin, Member of parliament for Wulensi Hon. Thomas Donkor Ogajah,The Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party , Mr. Abdul Fataw Bugre Naabu, Dr. Bernard Bingab, a lecturer at the University of Education-Winneba, the Cheriponi District Director of Ghana Education Service, Mrs. Faustina Nayan and the minister of defense and a member of Parliament for Bimbilla: Hon. Dominic Bingab Aduna Nitiwul.

Other dignitaries who graced the occasion were the Representatives of the Over Lord of Dagbong’ Kampakuya Naa Abdulai, the Northern Regional Minister Hon.Salifu Saeed, Saboba District Coordinating director to mention but a few.

The Special Guest of honour, Hon. Dominic Nitiwul during his speech urged his fellow Konkombas to work hard and embrace education by enrolling their wards to school to better their lives, He further urged Konkomba to make friends with their neighbours to ensure peace. He urged Northerners in General to stay united and avoid communal conflicts as conflicts are inimical for development.

The other speaker, the Northern regional minister,Hon..Saeed  Salifu urged Konkombas to remain United and use their numerical strength to develop themselves through political advantage.He asked them to make Good use of H.E Nana Akofu Addo policy of creating more regions to advocate for their share since Northern Region needs more than one additional region.

The over lord of Dagbong on speech read on his behalf urged Konkomba students to pursue academic courses of interest to them, and to patronize Technical and Vocational education that can give them employable skills after leaving school, he also congratulated the St. Joseph’s Technical Institute based in Saboba for being adjusted the best technical school in Ghana in the year 2016. He used the occasion to appeal to President Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo to continue and complete projects that were started by John Mahama-led Administration to ensure continuous development of Ghana.

The new executives of the Association were sworn into office they were:


President: Mr.Charles Nyojah

First Vice President: Mr. Nignamoan Sandow Zachariah

2nd Vice President: Mr. Samuel Neina Atta

General Secretary: Mr. Joseph Kotin Manando

Vice.Secretary: Mr.Wungeya David

Organizer: Mr. Nweeada Joseph Ayamba

Deputy Organizer: Mr. Malijimba Talen Victor

Treasurer: Mr. Christopher Ali

Deputy Treasurer: Mr. Dawuni Danaa Dalab

Women’s Organizer: Wumbidin Grace.

The Chairperson of the program Mrs. Faustina Nayan  was grateful to all those who made it a point to come back home for the convention.

Story By Abraham Njonaan Nlenkiba

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