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Kloma Gbi saved Dr. Nyarkotey from changing his identity as a Dangme.

Kloma Gbi , a Krobo advocacy community group in the Eastern Region has saved Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a well known prostate cancer advocate and the founder of Dangme newspaper , the first community newspaper in the Dangme land from changing his identity as a Dangme. Telling his story on his ordeal of the Dangme people on his Facebook post titled”
Is made in the image of God reality or audacious statement?

According to the young Holistic Doctor Who felt betrayed by some Dangmes recounted how Judas also betray Jesus in the month of Easter. According, Dr. Nyarkotey writes,” Today, I would like to ask you why you made me a Dangme young man ?
But as I think about this today and just about to change my identity as a Dangme young man, this noble group Kloma Gbi came in mind. I saw how this noble group working very hard to change their community.
Dangmes are not to be trusted , we are not united , we have attitude of ” pulling him Down “syndrome.

We are not happy to see the success stories of our colleagues. We are not happy to see the progress of our collegues. Is it worth it to be friend your own Dangme colleagues and there wl be peace? Should I still have a Dangme as friend or brother ? We are our own enemies nd until we change our attitude, school of thoughts about ourselves and know who we are and where we are going as Dangmes am afraid there is no light at the end. I laugh wen these same Gadangmes dreaming of a Gadangme as future president in this country. God answer me this meaningless question: Is it worth it being a Dangme ? Forgive me but I have asked you because your word says we are made in the image of God”

Dr. Nyarkotey is a strong advocate of the Dangme land and was instrumental with his research findings during the December elections on the political terrain in the community with his Dangme newspaper. Dr. Nyarkotey rejected a political position as a running mate for a political party during the December elections when he was contacted by a Gadangme group to accept the position.

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