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Justice Kutsienyo Writes: Lawyer Sosu vrs. Agyare and what Joy FM did

Justice Kutsienyo

After listening to Francis Agyare as captured in the link above, I’m further saddened.

1. The facts of the matter as reported by Mr. Agyare (hereinafter referred to as Share) for which lawyer Sosu was suspended for one year was about overcharging and not fraud (25% of compensation claim).

2. The Host of Joy FM and the production team were fully aware of this. Today, they gave Agyare the platform to make damning allegations against the person of the lawyer who used his resources to pursue the course of Justice for him. Beyond rendering lawyer Sosu unemployed for a year, Agyare is not satisfied after laughing to the bank to cash the money. He was given the platform to invoke and make unverified and invalidated allegations which were not brought before the GLC or in contention.

3.Joy FM together with Agyare have succeeded in creating in the minds of people that Francis-the helper was rather on an insincere crusade to cheat and defraud the client. Many, have taken this unsubstantiated gospel to town and started denigrating Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu.

4. If the Lawyer did all these things narrated today, why didn’t Agyare report same to the GLC?

5. Listening to Agyare, he wasn’t an illiterate and couldn’t be vulnerable to the implications of the terms he had signed to.

6. Why did Joy FM bring Agyare to the studio to run down the lawyer on these wild allegations which had nothing to do with the case?

7. This issue broke out this weekend. Joy FM waited till the lawyer files at the Appeals court and then supposedly invites the lawyer and the same Agyare to sit around the same table, drink coffee, discuss, throw fresh allegations at each other and potentially prejudice the issues in sub judice?

8. Was Joy FM in all honesty expecting the lawyer to be part of a discussion which would have amounted to the violation of the same ethical issues he’s contesting? Was this invitation a wilful sham to give Agyare the opportunity to run down the lawyer? If not, why did they allow him to make these damning unverified allegations on air? Was Agyare in the studio to speak to the came or make fresh allegations?

9. Which lawyer does a pro bono or will prefinance a case which had dragged for 3yrs and further cater for the client’s accommodation and upkeep for 3 yrs?

10. As a society, we must not create more Agyares and the media with whichever interest must be very careful not to fuel sentiments of character assassination. The fight for human right pursuit is threatened by this “Agyareism”.

11. Lawyer Francis-Xavier Sosu is not the only who has come to the aid of a victim of Justice. After 3yrs of litigation and committing resources, he’s rather the victim. Will other lawyers with this in mind be willing to help other clients whose situations are similar to Agyare?

12.The fight for justice is greater than any individual and in an attempt to hung and call the lawyer names, we should be careful we don’t discourage others who are doing things that blood relations of victims of injustice can’t afford to do.
NB: The Justice system is expensive and doesn’t encourage the poor.


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