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John Mahama Exposed Again Over GITMO 2

Iddi Muhayu-Deen

Former President John Mahama and the two Gitmo detainees

If you think you have had enough of the mess created by ex-president Mahama in respect of the infamous Gitmo 2 scandal, then I’m sorry to tell you that you haven’t seen anything yet as the unfolding drama assumes a lot more pathetic and shocking dimensions each passing moment.

The latest mind-blowing revelation by the Minority (NDC Members of Parliament) that President John Mahama took some US$300,000 from the US government in order to accept these suspected terrorists in our country, makes the drama even more dramatically fascinating.

I thought when this story broke sometime in 2016, our NDC friends including John Mahama himself, told the Ghanaian people that money was NOT a consideration in his decision to commit this country into accepting these high risk terror suspects. So what has changed now?

Are they now confessing their sins? Why did they ignore our loud call for these disclosures? Why does it have to take the US Ambassador’s recent bombshell to compel them to make this confession? I thought the sovereignty of this country per Article 1(1) of the Constitution resides in none other but the people of Ghana. Why should we not feel let down by this action of John Mahama?

Indeed, contrary to what he [John Mahama] had told us, it is now clear that this deal had nothing to do with his so called COMPASSION after all. So because of US$300,000, you have gone to bring in these notorious ex-Gitmo detainees including Osama Bin Laden’s bodyguard to settle in our country thereby making Ghana a legitimate target for terror attack. Why jeopardize the security of this country on the altar of financial consideration?

Mr. former president, have you been fair to the Ghanaian people? I now understand why you, on three occasions, ignored the professional advice from your own Interior Ministry, National Security outfit and Ministry of Foreign Affairs WARNING you against any decision to accept these suspected terrorists.

Again, Mr. former president, seeing that the last ex-Gitmo detainee that was resettled in the UK by name, Shaker Aamer, came with a compensation package of US$ 1 million, why don’t you tell us the entire amount you received from the Americans beyond the US$300,000 to make Ghana assume this risk in clearing their mess? For a president that can accept a “bribe” of Ford Expedition from a Burkinabe contractor, he certainly can do anything, don’t you agree?

Finally, Your Excellency, why did you give them Ghanaian travel documents and Refugee Status without informing the nation? Even if you wouldn’t inform us because we’ve not been presidents before, as you once said, why didn’t you inform your own Ministers and Parliament? Why did you also not inform the new government as required by the Transition Act? How much were you paid to do that too, Mr. Compassionate President? 3bub) ba…

To be continued….

Assalamu alaikum

Iddi Muhayu-Deen

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