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IMANI Alert: We’ll more revenue over the next 5 years WITHOUT GVGKelni

Deputy Minister of Communications said on JOY FM SMS yesterday: [ If government focuses on monitoring calls alone [ with GVGKelni,] it could make a conservative $700m over five years, he said. But if new monitoring territory like mobile money operations are also included, the government “could easily be making a billion dollars” ]

Franklin Cudjoe: You see, we will make that revenue of $1bn (GHC 4.6bn) and more over the next 5 years WITHOUT GVGKelni. Here is why.
In 2013, Revenues from Telcos was Ghc989m,
Ghc 1.1bn in 2014, 1.5bn in 2015.
MTN alone paid Ghc 1.1bn in TAXES and FEES alone in 2016.
MTN alone paid Ghc 1.2bn in TAXES AND FEES in 2017 .
MTN alone has paid Ghc 3.5bn in the last 5 years already

Lets use ONLY TAX figures of the biggest Operator!
MT N paid these taxes ALONE to government since 2013…
2013 – ¢463m
2014 – ¢606m
2015 – ¢676m
2016 – ¢713m
2017 – ¢1.06bn

a. every year MTN alone grows an average of over 1million subscribers
b. Therefore, you can tell even if you were ‘just’ an addition & subtraction student that this growth is Organic and it is not impacted by any force externally.
c. I know smart people will say yes it looks very organic from 2013 to 2016 but what happened to that huge jump in 2017??? Very simple answer… 4G HAPP ENED & they paid $67.5m to Govt to buy spectrum and grew huge revenues to even give Govt more taxes.
This point means government should support all other Telcos to get 4G to grow more revenue and associated taxes.

Imanigine how much more we will be making annually should we add the tax contributions of the other 5 telcos. With diret taxes on the ever increasing mobile money operations,we will be making almost Ghc 7.5bn on taxes and fees from the telcos in 5 years WITHOUT GVG.

But this is the shocker: ”We have actually paid a minimum of $32 million a year since 2016 for all sorts of call monitoring equipment and yet the only component of taxes that these equipment can actually track – Communications Service Tax – has been declining. From $58 million to $54 million between 2016 and 2017 . What exactly is our logic for this GVGKelni model? Anybody thought it t through ? Anybody know what we are doing?”- Bright Simons

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