IGP, David Asante Apeatu


I wonder if the Inspector General Of Police has been in the country for the past one year.

If he is, then he will go down in History as the worse Inspector General

Of Police in the history of Ghana.

I’ve missed the days of Peter Namfuri, Patrick Tawiah, Nana Owusu Nsiah, John Kudalor and others.

The current IGP is generally described by Ghanaians as a puppet of the officials of the New Patriotic Party and very incompetent.

Always he is left out when Nana Addo is been queried by the people of Ghana for vigilanteism in the country.

The appointment of the current IGP opened the floodgate of criminals, vigilante groups and atrocities to be committed on our sacred land which our fore father’s toiled and preserved for us.

Since his appointment, he has pretended as if he doesn’t know of the happenings in the country.

The first was his own Officer Nanka Bruse who was attacked in the office of the President, the Flagstaff house, this officer was nearly lynched by NPP invisible forces and the evidence is on a widely circulated video but the IGP has refused to even comment on it.

In fact, the IGP has forgotten it just like Nana forgetting of the World Cup Committee Report.

Lots of atrocities were committed last year but the IGP is afraid to even push for an arrest to be made because he has been warned by the vigilante groups and their masters not to touch them.

IGP is very incompetent and is sleeping on the job because he has even refused to protect his own policemen.

This is what I call selfishness. He is very selfish trying to protect his job at the expense of his men and the ordinary Ghanaian.

For the first time in the history of Ghana under our IGP, corruption cases are been negotiated by a high ranked police officer.

And even when Tiwaa Addo Danquah was caught red-handed on tape negotiating and persuading witnesses not to disclose evidence which is a crime per the laws of the land our IGP said nothing about it but rather promoted the corrupt police officer instead of sanctioning her.

How can this be going on in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana?

Ghana has become a failed state. A lawless state. A country full of criminals and fear. No wonder Trump calls us with certain names.

No wonder Peace council finally declared that Ghana is no more safe for habitation.

I believe the IGP has forgotten that he is not on pension but rather his contract has been renewed for him by the President.

A police officer was beaten and chased out of his office no arrest was made after a year.

A Regional security coordinator was beaten and dragged out of his office with blood allover his head and no arrest was made till date.

A judge was threatened while sitting in court and criminals freed under Mr IGP and the police couldn’t present evidence to convince the court for proper sanctioning.

A Regional Youth Organizer claimed he was beaten with metals for more than a week and no arrest has been made.

MCEs residence has been vandalized and some driven out of their districts but no arrest has been made.

Vigilante groups threatened police officers including the IGP that the police can never arrest them and truly Mr. IGP and his men couldn’t arrest them.

Invisible forces destroyed public properties and sacked government appointees from their offices and Mr IGP has pretended he is not aware.

A member of parliament was murdered in his room and nothing so far has come out but rather the autopsy report was reported missing under Mr. IGP.

Mr. IGP Iam very angry and afraid because now I don’t know who is next to die in the hands of these criminals who have taken over our peaceful nation under your watch.

If your own armed police officers can be shot in their offices then we the civilians are not safe under your watch Mr. IGP

Mr. IGP I put it to you that you are not fit for the office you hold despite your plenty degrees and experience.

No wonder the good people of Ghana call you a puppet of the NPP.

No wonder your officers are afraid because their lives are in danger Mr. IGP.

Mr. IGP crime has increased under your watch and your men and Ghanaians, in general, are not safe and we plead with you to resign for a more competent people to take the job and work towards our protection as citizens.

We need people like Rose Bio Atinga and the likes of Kofi Boakye to take your position to save us from the recent untimely deaths from a criminal who have taken over the country under your watch Mr. IGP.

Mr. IGP we are calling for your resignation because you have failed to protect lives and properties in the oath you took before the President of the republic on our behalf.

You have made vigilante groups more powerful than Ghana police service which is a failure on your part Mr. IGP.

The worse of all is that with authority given to Dr. Bawumia, our Vice President, he said he arrested the Cedi as the best economist in Ghana and handed it over to you and per his findings, the cedi is under lock and key.
This he told the people of Ghana on national television.

But now everyone in Ghana knows that the cedi is out of your custody meaning you couldn’t protect even the cedi under your care making businesses to suffer.

Just this evening a municipal Chief Executive has again been attacked Mr. IGP.

We hereby plead with you in the name of God to resign before the Acting President is petitioned to get you out of office.

We as citizens of our beloved country are tired of living in fear under your watch all in the name of protecting your job.

May God continue to be our Helper.

Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO
B/A Youth Activist.

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