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ICC ought to be a world court and not a Court on Africa – Korsi Senyo fires

Korsi Senyo says ICC should be a world Court but not a Court on Africa

Pan-Africanist and ICC critic, Mr. Korsi Senyo has hit hard at the Hague based International Criminal Court (ICC) saying activities of the Court should reflect its status as a world court but not act like a special court on Africa.

Speaking on an Accra based radio station, Class FM’s World Affairs

programme, Mr. Korsi Senyo told the host, Dr. Este Sikanku that “the name of the ICC is International Criminal Court and NOT “International Criminal Court on Africa”.  This alone tells you that ICC has failed based on the profile of the cases at the court”. 

Mr. Senyo did not spare the United Nations Security Council on its role in the performance of ICC’s duties.

“To me, I don’t see a reason why the UN Security Council which is biased towards Africa will have the moral justification to refer cases to the ICC when 3 of its members – US, Russia and China are not signatories to the Rome Statues”

“Why is it that till now the UNSC cannot vito for US and its NATO to send troops to Syria to remove Assad from office like in the case of Gaddafi considering the atrocities that are going on in that country when the case of Libya did not reach that level before same interventions.” – Mr. Senyo quizzed

“Don’t Syria, Afganistan, Iraq etc wars also have victims where these victims also need justice?” – He added

For Mr. Senyo, “Until the ICC and the UN Security Council are reformed the 34 African states who are members of the ICC must pull out”

He emphasized that “We need African Court to deal with such crimes under the jurisdictions of the ICC but the Malabo Protocol that gives immunity to sitting heads of state in Africa makes no sense and must be changed”

Listen to the recorded show: https://audiomack.com/…/dr-et…/world-affairs-20-years-of-icc

Source: AwakeAfrica.com

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