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Iddi Muhayu-Deen writes…

Late Captain Maxwell Mahama

As somebody who takes a lot of delight in writing, I have written tributes upon tributes. I have also read a number of tributes. Yes, beautiful tributes, I mean. But I tell you one thing, all my life, I have never come across a tribute that is as beautiful and touching like the one read by the mother of the Late Major Adam Mahama of blessed memory in honour of her son at the forecourt of the state house in the early hours of Friday.

I couldn’t finish admiring that woman even as I shed tears watching and listening to her read that touching and award winning tribute in that difficult and sombre moment. I wonder how many men could withstand that unenviable experience. But she had to someway somehow find courage to do it for her son and she did it so impeccably.

Indeed no one can love a son more than his mother. Even if you want to take everything and everybody in this world for granted, let it NOT be your mother. They are exceedingly special and would forever be. Treat them as such, and you would have the blessing of both prosperity and posterity. Mothers would always be mothers even in afterlife.

As for the late Army Major, he may have died in the physical realm, but he would forever live in our hearts and minds. He is a national hero and would forever be. He died a proud man and for the love of his country. He had a very powerful gun with him and could have easily shot and killed all his attackers. I say this because; Major Adam Mahama graduated from the Military Academy as one of the best snipers (shooters). He could have easily shot at them but he refused. While they were trying to kill him, he was struggling to save the life of his killers. Such a gallant hero!

I wonder how many men could do that. Certainly, I could not. In fact, I would have, in consonance with the widely accepted principle of self-defence, shot and killed those heartless creatures in order to save my life. He who lives by the sword must die by the sword. Also, he who takes life deserves no life. But Major Adam Mahama chose to save the life of his killers and have himself, killed. I’m sure that he chose to sacrifice his life in order to save the lives of many others, including your life and my life.

Remember, any of us could one day be mistaken for an armed robber and lynched. Any of us could one day be seen as a threat to somebody’s source of income and livelihood and therefore get killed through the animal called MOB JUSTICE. Clearly, Major Adam Mahama chose to die in order to send a clear message to the rest of Ghana to start a national conversation on how to permanently end mob justice. And truly, his demise has brought an overwhelming national spectacle on this deleterious social canker called mob justice.

May he not die in vain. Let it be said that his painful death indeed marks the end of mob justice in our society. Let it be said that his death marks the end of galamsey. I am very proud of this fallen national hero. And just like the people who lived with the Yaa Asantewas; the Kwame Nkrumah’s; the J.B. Danquah’s; I know very well that, one day, I shall say, with pride that, I lived in the era of the Adam Mahamas. Rest in peace my brother and hero till me meet in the Heavens.

Assalamu alaikum

Iddi Muhayu-Deen

About Efo Korsi Senyo | Executive Editor

Efo Korsi Senyo has over 5 years experience working as an investigative journalist with Awake Africa. He is the Executive Editor of Awake Newspaper and Head of Awake Investigates. Efo does not only investigate and publish based on the journalism profession ethics but he also brings legal and civil actions against personalities and institutions he investigated. He said fighting against injustice and corruption in society as the only way for him to avenge injustice and corrupt acts he and other vulnerable people faced and continue to face in society. Efo is also a private investigator, IT expert and entrepreneur. Connect with him via senyo@awakeafrica.com or WhatsApp: +233249155003

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