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Has Suhum NDC Turns Communicators for NPP? – Gosh asks

Hon MP for Suhum, Frederick Opare Ansah

Suhum NDC Executive and Communicators have now become redundant that they have been employed by allies of the Hon MP for Suhum, Frederick Opare Ansah to throw dirt onto the white garments of the Hon MCE for Suhum Municipality. Thank God the garment worn by the Hon MCE is stitched with anti-dirt threads. No weapon formed against her shall prosper. That Sayeth the Lord.

The VIGILANTE didn’t want to believe the allegations leveled against the Hon MP by some NDC contestants during their recent Constituency Executives elections that the Hon MP is sponsoring their elections to get his favorite on board to fight against the president’s representative. This is indeed ridiculous, isn’t it? Indeed for every rumour, there happens to be an iota of truth.

It is on record that the Hon MP had never agreed with His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for appointing Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwah as the Municipal Chief Executive for Suhum. It could be recalled that a day before the nomination of Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwah, the Hon MP organized a press conference at the party’s office to lambaste the President’s intention of nominating Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwah. The speaker in his address to the media even suggested that Mrs Darkwah is in a way having an affair with some authorities which they think is facilitating her appointment. If not for the timely intervention of some Regional and National Executives of the party, this same Hon MP was alleged to have organised a demonstration against the President for not appointing one of his choices.

It also on record that the Hon MP has hired the services of unprofessional NDC media elements in Suhum to dent the image of the President’s Representative. In fact these NDC media elements have succeeded in using pro NDC newspapers to peddle falsehood against the Hon MCE. Thank God darkness can never overcome the light, those stories have always been dumped into garbages sites.

Not quite long ago, the Hon MP realizing that those media elements were not helping his course, employed the services of the former communication officer for the party, Mr Stephen Ayensu who rumours are that the Hon MP bribed him with two thousand Ghana cedis (GH¢2000) to insult and peddle lies against the president’s representative which he did and has been doing on various social media platforms.

After failing to succeed in all these attempts, the VIGILANTE would not be surprised the Hon MP has planted some workers at the Municipal Assembly to sabotage the incorruptible work of the Hon MCE.

After getting his NDC favorites to occupy the Constituency Executives positions, it is believed that the Hon MP considering the redundancy of these NDC communicators has taken undue advantage of them, and benefiting from the assistance he rendered them during the elections and use them to attack the innocent Municipal Chief Executive, Hon Margaret Darko Darkwah.

It would be very difficult for the Hon MP to use any other Executive apart from the constituency NASARA coordinator to pursue this diabolic agenda. No wonder he dumps members who will never swim in his gutters to do such jobs. Our NPP Muslims are more United than ever and have shown gratitude to the Hon MCE and his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo for their kind gesture especially during and after their Ramadan Mubarak. They even expressed gratitude to the NPP Government through the Hon MCE for giving Suhum four slots to attend their religious pilgrimage. Hon Margaret Darko and the NPP Government will never feed the stomach of one person and his family leaving the majority to suffer from hunger. This may be the reason for the nasara coordinator to tow this unjust course with the Hon MP for Suhum.

A little history the VIGILANTE has gathered is that the Hon MP has never been in good terms with any of the President’s Representatives ever since he represented the people of Suhum as an MP in 2005. He is reported to have tormented Hon Kofi Mensah, may his soul rest in peace who is an NPP MCE during President Kuffour’s regime. The treatment meted out to Hon Kwabi and Hon Margaret Ansei would have been considered politically motivated but the hatred torturing to the current Hon MCE Mrs Margaret Darko Darkwah, an NPP MCE is a clear indication that the Hon MP is not a team player for development. No wonder he wanted to override the Municipality by fixing his choice Mr Ernest Lartey, the Constituency Secretary and the Hon MP’s Mafia bulldozer as the Municipal Chief Executive.

To our NDC friends, we are aware of the invasive poverty that has set into your camp since you came into opposition. As guru in his latest song “momenfa ohia nka nkwaseasem”. It would rather be prudent you consider the good work done by the president, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwah Akufo Addo and his Government and genuinely run to join the NPP for you are welcomed.

The vigilante group

The nonsense must stop

by Samuel Baah (Gosh)

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