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Go for prostate check on Father’s Day’ – Dzifa Bedi

Yvonne Dzifa Bedi

Men’s Health Foundation Ghana (MHFG), a charity organization working to prevent prostate cancer amongst Ghanaian men, has called on fathers to take up the challenge in the upcoming Father’s Day to check if they have prostate cancer.  

The organization, during President Mahama’s administration pushed for the declaration of Father’s Day as National Prostate Cancer Awareness Day.

It has rekindled its “Stand By Your Man” campaign against the disease as this year’s Father’s Day’s celebration will be on

Sunday, June 18, 2017.

According to one of the Ambassadors of ‘Stand By Your Man,’ campaign, Yvonne Dzifa Bedi, more than 1,000 men are diagnosed annually with prostate cancer.

She explained that since 2014 when she joined the awareness campaign, she has realised how the disease affects sex lives of men.

“I joined the group based on the principle of putting the needs of men first. Today, that principle remains the focus on which the foundation continues to grow.  Today, the foundation is the national peak body of prostate cancer in Ghana, the number one Men’s charity,” she said.

“Together, we are committed to making a difference to those individuals and families living with prostate cancer, and to help raise awareness and support for prostate cancer across Ghana and Africa,” she added.

To this end, Yvonne Dzifa called on women to use Father’s Day to stand by their men against prostate cancer by advising them to have their prostate checked.

Men’s Health Foundation Ghana is Ghana’s leading charity organization working with men against prostate cancer.

The organization has succeeded in raising awareness in Ghana with their various campaigns.

Dr. Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, who is the President of Men’s Health Foundation, lauded Yvonne Dzifa for her contribution towards awareness creation of the disease.

“This is why I’m so proud and excited to have her as an Ambassador for ‘Stand By Your Man’ and stepping forward to team up for the 2017 Father’s Day Walk/Run,” he said.

 By: Kofi Owusu Tawiah

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