by Mathias Tulasi

Mathias Tulasi

Good morning fellow Ghanaians.

Psalms 102:1-2 reads Hear my prayer, O LORD, And let my cry come unto thee. Hide not thy face from me in the day when I am in trouble;Incline thine ear unto me: In the day when I call answer me speedily.

It is clearly depicting each passing day that we are indeed in trouble and must cry unto the Lord with heavy hearts for His divine mercies to change the story.

Oh where have we gone wrong as a country? It is very disheartening and seriously worrying the rate at which almost each passing day,we hear reported cases of strange deaths in our beloved nation in recent times.

This is making people wondering and a lot of Ghanaians to read

superstitions into the numerous reported cases ranging from suicide,car accidents, burnt cases, stabbing, falling trees death and others getting drown.

These issues are seriously very worrying especially considering the youths that are supposed to be the future leaders,the pivots of change and development of this country losing their dear lives on daily basis just like that.

It is on record,just within two weeks,over 17 young people have committed suicides in different part of the country,15 people have been confirmed dead in a road crash between two vehicles at Gomoa Mpromem, near Apam in the Central Region and left 11 others injured,who are currently on admission in hospital.

Residents of Anfoeta in the Ho West District of the Volta Region were stunned on Sunday 12th March, 2017 morning at the sight of a lifeless body floating in the pond.

The 4 Nursing Trainees that died in that terrible accident.

Okyereko Gomoa accident two dead,two unconscious and others injured.

Three students were stabbed at UCC. An articulated truck involving in accident with other 16 cars in Accra.

Surprisingly just yesterday several deaths at Kintampo Water Falls.

These are very unusual looking at how rampant it occurs and making a lot of people to believe perhaps it is as a result of some rituals performed before and during the 2016 general elections and that some demons may be demanding their thanksgiving sacrifices. This l believe could be true or false.

The fact also remains that,this is not the time for us to play blame games.We must all rise up to the occasion as a nation and cry loud to the Lord for His divine mercies.

There is great power through the spirit of God, so it is therefore prudent we come together, turning our hearts towards God and praying on behalf of our dear nation.

I am therefore calling on the President of the Republic of Ghana HE Nana Addo to as a matter of urgency call for national prayers to avert the lost of further lives.

I will like to urge pastors and other religious leaders to support the President in organizing special prayers for the country.

I urge the likes of Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams and other men of God,who in times past are on record to have championed powerful national prayer sessions to help avert this situation we found ourselves in as a nation.

We just know we have a deep ache in our hearts that cries out for God’s mercy, and a longing to see him heal our land.

Again we must all know in all of the battles, defending our views, or pointing out differences,we have to ask ourselves one questions. Have we prayed about it as much as we’ve talked about it?

God never leaves us to fend for ourselves,wrestling with worry, consumed in fear,or tempted towards hate.He reminds us He is with us and will help us.
He hears our prayers, He knows our needs.

There is great power in uniting together,turning our hearts towards Him,and praying on behalf of our nation and that is what we want to see our current President Nana Addo championing in times like this as the father of this nation not only being interested in naming and defending 110 ministers/deputies.

We expect to see action in that regard from the leadership of this country for the good Lord to have mercy upon us and avert the situation.

God save our country by His grace.


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