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Ghanaian Men Choose Teachers Over Nurses For Marriage?

Nurses vs Teachers

After describing Ghanaians Nurses as ‘disrespectful and arrogant’, most Ghanaian men would rather marry a female teacher than go in for a nurse, FNNewsonline.com research.

According to the research, most of the men stated categorically that, Teachers are more responsible than Nurses.

.It was clearly seen that Ghanaian men are not attracted to Nurses and they made it crystal clear to FNNewsonline.com.

Let’s read some comments on the research and the reasons why Ghanaian men prefer to marry Teachers to Nurses.

Mr. Jones Acquah: “Nurses in Ghana are very disrespectful; I will rather go in for a Teacher than a nurse who has no respect for humans.”

Mensah Kwaku: “Who are nurses? My brother, I won’t marry a nurse. Teachers are sexy and clean.”

Wisdom Shark: “Teachers are humble and every man wants to be with some who is respectful. I love to marry a teacher not those arrogant nurses.”

Derrick Boakye: “Teachers are bae, forget the nurses.”

Attafio: “Sir, this topic you dey bring err, if I want talk, night go catch us for here. Nurses nor dey respectful at all. Me, If I get a teacher, I go marry.”

Kofi Aygare: “Dated 4 of them before I married a teacher, most or them are not marriage material!#Fact”

John Ansah: “hmm, this is dicey but teachers are bae.”

Well, you just read few of the many reasons. Wait for part 2 of why Ghanaian men will choose teachers of nurses.

Source: www.fnnewsonline.com

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