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Ghana Today? Pupils kneel, seat on stones and floor to write exams

Pupils of Avegorme Baptist Primary, located some few kilometres from Sogakofe township- the District capital of North Tongu District Assembly in the Volta Region of Ghana are crying for help as school is set to resume.

The school which was established in 1996 by the Baptist Church and taken over by government in 2007 is yet to see any tangible support from government or have its fair share of the national development cake.

With a population of little over 200, the pupils have no classroom block and furniture in their classrooms. The situation forced them to seat on the uncemented floor and stones during class hours. As pathetic as it is, some pupils kneel down during class and examination hours.

The roof of the dilapidated structure is tarted and anytime it rains, their classrooms are flooded forcing the pupils to close or sometimes seat in the mud.

They lack teaching and learning materials and even a place of convenience.

In an interview with awake TV’s Efo Korsi Senyo, the Assemblyman for the area, Hon. Innocent Gbeti said, since he took office, he has written several letters to the past District Chief Executives and the member of parliament for support, but all letters yielded no result.

According to him, he has also ‘raised the issue on the assembly floor on several occasions’ but the 20 year old school which is almost in the township of Sogakofe and surrounded by modern building is yet to catch the attention of the authorities.

David, one of the teachers in an interview awake TV lamented about the hard condition in which they the teachers and pupils are subjected to on daily basis.

“We teachers are willing to teach but the conditions in which we are here is very bad. We have no textbooks, chalk, library, furniture”

He said, even sometimes, they have to borrow chalk from a sister school – the junior high school close by.

As school is set to resume and especially during the raining season, going to school is like a nightmare for them.

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Source: AwakeAfrica.com | Efo Korsi Senyo | senyo@awakeafrica.com

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