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Why Ghana Needs National cancer foundation

As the president of Cancer Voices Gh, we proposed for a National Cancer Foundation.  We proposed that the national cancer foundation should be a special project under the office of the first lady.

The Mission Statement

The proposed National Cancer foundation mission

To reduce the impact of cancer in the community by providing accommodation and financial support for cancer patients and their families; improving cancer prevention through education and encouraging early testing to improve treatment effectiveness; to provide funding for research into cancer & cancer related treatments; and to provide meaningful paid work for individuals unable to gain a position elsewhere due to age, external obligations, mental or physical disabilities or social issues.

To establish awareness and screening centers in the various regions in the country.

Those aged affected by cancer should be placed on using the Livelihood empowerment project (LEAP) to provide a monthly token to support them

The Purpose of the National Cancer Foundation

To provide accommodation and financial support for cancer patients, education & awareness for cancer prevention, and research & equipment funding.To provide paid work for disadvantaged persons.

What the National cancer will do

National Cancer Foundation is a charitable organization working to reduce cancer in the community while assisting those already affected by cancer.

The objectives, to be described in the constitution, are:

To educate and increase community awareness and understanding about cancer and the measures considered to reduce the risk and contribute to the prevention of cancer

To provide accommodation for cancer patients and/or their families during treatment periods

To provide employment for disadvantaged individuals, whether from physical, psychological, sociological, financial or social causes

To fund scientific and/or medical research to investigate prevention, causes and treatment of cancer

To provide financial assistance to cancer patients and/or their families for any purpose considered beneficial, whether physically or therapeutically, for their treatment or recovery

To fund the purchase of equipment to be used in research, diagnosis and/or treatment of cancer at hospitals, research institutions or treatment facilities

Our education program is already in place, and expanding.

To help in implementing special cancer policies for the betterment of those diagnosed and concern about cancers.

To help in disbursements of funds to all cancer charities in the country

The activities of the foundation should stimulate discussion of cancer, and normalize it to reduce the stigma of talking openly about cancer.

To have a telemarketing program, which allows people to interact with the foundation in a more anonymous way, and allows the foundation contact people outside the capital cities.

To also place small information stands in shopping centers and high traffic areas in some capital cities, offering information about cancer and the other programs to be offered.

Seeking for donations from corporate institutions.

To establish a national cancer survivorship center for people affected by cancers to receive the right information regarding cancer treatments and be supported with complementary treatments.

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