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Ghana Music Right Organization (GHAMRO) Is Useless?

GHAMRO which stands for Ghana Music Right Organization was established under copyright act 690 of 2005.

The organization’s purpose is to collect Musicians’ royalties from Ghana independent broadcasters association. This organization is another bureaucracy in the Music industry.

Every Ghanaian Musician should be angry about the way their royalties are been used by GHAMRO. Maybe you not aware on March 22, 2016, the board of Ghana music right organization presented 2016

Toyota Corolla and motorbike to Ashanti regional branch. During the presentation the chairman of the board said the purpose for the car and motorbike is to be use for collecting royalties.

The shameless the board members of GHAMRO feel it is okay to spend that much money to purchase a car and motorbike for their useless organization. We are in a modern era where by computers are use to monitor and collect data from anywhere in the world, GHAMRO are rather interested in purchasing cars.

There are about 400 reported privately owned broadcasting companies in Ghana and only 200 media house pay some sort of royalties. Wow!! I can’t scream loud enough because my cry for help for our Musicians won’t be heard. Indeed the laws protecting our music industry is not working and every established board that suppose to seek for the welfare of our Musicians are rather been used to take advantage of Musicians.

The board members set up their own salaries and pay themselves even before the Artistes.  Confidently we can cite an example of D Black who was reportedly pissed off after he received 600gh as his royalties over several years. This is very bad for a growing industry.

The board members are enriching their pocket whiles the Musicians dying in poverty. GHAMRO is another wasteful organization bankrupting Musicians.


Article written by Nsempafuo

Beloved Ghana music lover‎

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