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Ghana Music Industry Lacks Leadership


Perhaps, if anyone is still thinks that Ghana has a music industry, permit me to be honest with you that Ghana has no music industry.

To that effect, if I had to compare Ghana music industry to that of countries on effectiveness of the industry, Ghana will score zero over and over again.

Let me begin my argument now.

Firstly, the so called Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGHA) being led by Bice Osei Kuffour otherwise known as Obour is simply useless as it sounds and nothing good comes out of that umbrella.

As two term president of MUSIGHA, Obour has failed miserable to come up with policies and regulations that support talents in the industry.

Whiles in other countries Musician union lobby the government to make policies that support and protect intellectual property of the creative industry, the leadership of Ghana music industry only cares about their pockets.

Copyright laws doesn’t work in Ghana and royalties for musicians is been pocket by the leadership. Musicians in Ghana are the poorest in the world because of lack of leadership in the music industry. Until a competent person is elect to lead the music industry who will seek for the betterment of the

Musicians through Government policies, Ghana Musicians will continue to be poorest in the world. Ghana Musicians need to come together and call for a change by drafting policies for the government to sign into law.

So far Obour leadership is a failure and moving the industry in the wrong direction.


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