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Is Ghana Free From Uncivilised Practices?


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Civilization is to educate or enlighten a person or people to perceive higher standard of behaviour.

Uncivilized practices is very crude, barbarous, wild, uncultured. Also, uncivilized practices are behaviors deemed savage or inappropriate.

Civilization started in Africa, where Ghana is within the Western part of it. Ghanaians are serious engage in uncivilized practices are corruption, bribery, armed robbery and mob justice. This has put the country in a

shameful way in the global world. In this article I am concerned with education system. On the topic uncivilized practiced in Ghana. In my next article, I will talk about sanitation in Ghana.


The poor nature of our educational system is caused by the uncivilized practiced in the sector from the Ministry of Education down to the pupils. The ministry does not do their work. Instead of putting in place good policies to do the education good, they are in their offices thinking the office will work for them. Anytime the ministry will implement a policy, the National Inspectory Board (NIB) will not do any ground work. Whether the policy will work very well. Accra is the only educational city in Ghana. But all the schools write the same paper during BECE.

This has give way for Ghana Education Service (GES) to perform badly. Every year they spent monies to do research about low performance of pupils. They just waste the money. The reason is that, the causes of low performances is just at their door steps.

I will only outline a few cause that, Ghana Education Service (GES) has overlooked.

There has been this uncivilized practice Ghana Education Service (GES) is still practicing. The issue of lesson plan or lesson note. My major concern is that, the teachers do not use the lesson note or plan to teach. In this modern world, almost everything is in softcopy. The most annoyed part is that, the Circuit Supervisors will not provide you with the syllabus too. They will only tell teachers to download it from the internet. It is only in Ghana Education Service (GES) that, if you write your lesson note or plan, you are the best teacher. This has let a lot of teachers to write the lesson note but have decided not to teach. The most funniest aspect is that, the syllable has not been changed. In this case, some teachers repeat the same lesson note for almost five years. For instance “by the end of the lesson, the pupil will be able to”. Frankly speaking lesson note is an uncivilized practice. It must stop now.

Output of work. Ghana Education Service (GES) in collaboration with UNICEF has selected some districts in Ghana. They want assess the teachers through technology in our schools. This is a very good initiative to introduce technology in our schools. It has also brought pressure on teachers. Ghana Education Service (GES) do not look at the performance but look at the number of exercises the teachers will do within a week. For instance, if you teach at the upper primary level. They are expecting twenty-four(24) marked exercise in the week from you. This is only for two subjects. Circuit Supervisors do not check whether the pupil has understood what the teachers has taught them. They rather concentrate on the output of work my main problem is that, this exercises does not cover the whole of Ghana. Meanwhile the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) is the for the whole country. Teachers in these selected districts will not teach but rather dwell on the output of work. I am not also in agreement with the National Inspectorate Board (NIB)for implementing this policy. The reason is that, they fail to do underground work very well. Because some villages do not have electricity to operate this technology. The telecommunications networks is not working there in the villages. The headteachers must send this information to Accra before Saturday morning.  They will use internet to this work.

Teaching and learning materials (TLMs). I was always have problems with Ghana Education Service (GES) concerning the TLMs. Ministry of Education(MoE) and Ghana Education Service (GES) has introduced Information Communication Technology (I.C.T) at our basic schools. Since the introduction of I.C.T only few schools has the computers for practical. This issue at stake is that, every school going child need basic I.C.T knowledge. I was an I.C.T teacher at SDA College of Education Demonstration JHS in Asokore- Koforidua. The school is in regional capital but do not have computers for practical. How can the pupils in this school learn and pass I.C.T. I am putting up a challenge for the Ministry of Education(MoE) and the Ghana Education Service(GES) to provide the necessary Teaching and Learning Materials (TLMs). Because the teachers are suffering.





Gyagri Fighton Baalaah.


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