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Ghana Has Become A Lawless State Under This Regime For The Past Few Months, …MP Fumes

Ernest Norgbey, MP for Ashaiman

The Member of Parliament for Ashaiman who also double as a Member of the Defense and Interior Committee Mr. Ernest Norgbey has blamed the government for sitting aloof and unconcerned and allowing Delta and Invisible Forces to fester in this country’s security.

The Delta Force a private security of the ruling NPP last year beat up an Asanti Regional National Security Coordinator and later disrupted a court proceeding to free their colleagues.

In an exclusive interview with Awake News, Mr. Norgbey said this has motivated some Ghanaians to take the law into their own hands for also attacking people and some state institutions.

According to him,  the activities of these NPP vigilante groups have unfortunately found expression in the modus operandi of some armed robbers in this country to the extent that, armed robbers were able to attack a police station in Kwabenya to freeing seven of their colleagues , resulting in the unfortunate and untimely death of an innocent police officer.

“This is a serious issue and it’s been happening since January 2017, I will term the country as being insecure. So much lawlessness in the country because people can take the law into their own hands. If armed robbers can budge into police station to release their fellow from custody then we are not secured under the current regime” he lamented.

He explained that, “If the police service needs a security, what about we ordinary civilian? Because it’s the police officers who are the culprit of the armed robbers, they always attack them. It will be recall that, a few months ago,   a gang invaded a court to release their fellow gang members, release them from custody, a contempt of court in the full glare of a judge and when they were arrested, and put before court, they fined them thousand eight hundred (1,800. 00) Ghana cedis why won’t similar thing be happening in the country”, he fumes.

“Probably these persons are taking cue out of this because before these people operate, they sit down and calculate when they are arrested what will be the remedy when they are not arrested and able to operate and abscond what will be the advantage to it…  Because they realize that even if they are arrested and put before court, court will fine them 1800 cedis so probably they have taken cue out of this particular incident that happened in 2017 and I can tell you that, Ghana is not safe” he narrated.

Mr. Norgbey stressed that about eight ( 8)  police officers have been murdered in cold blood under this regime ,  So one could realize  that the country has become an insecure state, a lawless state that the government and the security agencies could not and cannot do anything about the happenings.

He tasked the government to provide requisite logistics for the police administration

It will be recall that, a civilian was given a hot chase by armed men around the Tema Free Zones few days ago, and when the civilian ran to the security personnel’s  who were on duty post at the time to seek refuge , the police who are to assist in arresting the men  rather took to their heels.

“Why do you think it happened like that? Because they are not secured. The police administration needs security and if they need security what about we the civilian, therefore Ghana has become a lawless state under this regime for the past 12 months” he noted.

The urged the governments to sit up and also provide the police administration with requisite logistics and ammunition in order to be able to deliver smoothly.

He advised all and sundry to be calm, and also take security measures seriously since they are a threat to the society.

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