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Get Piano, Guitar and Voice lesson from your home

Web: www.privatepianolessongh.yolasite.com
Tet: +233574201736

Email: privatepianogh@gmail.com

Private PIANO Lesson GH is a sub-division of MY FIRST MUSIC ACADEMY.

PPL GH is strictly on private piano or guitar or voice lesson, one-on-one in your house or you come to our office.

The aim of this concept is to allow the trainer to focus on individual in other to solve whatever problems you are facing musically. The trainer has got over 25 years experience as a piano, guitar and voice coach, he is one of the best professional voice coach in this country, as he has trained people from different nationalities and background


You name it, i will provide it, whatever genre of music you want to learn, from classical to contemporary, i will deliver it


The private piano or guitar lesson could take place at your home or at my office,its a ones in week lesson for an hour(additional hour could be discussed). Choose a convenient day for me to come or for you to come

LESSON FEE: Piano and Guitar lesson fee is Ghc900 for 3 month duration. Voice lesson is Ghc600 for 3 months(Please read my policy before you accept this service)

Please click here to read our policy

Interested? then pick up your phone and call us: +233574201736 or privatepianogh@gmail.com

Office Location :

Lapaz Nyameshe Bustop,Lapaz Accra


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