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Francis Sosu files STAY OF SUSPENSION Pending Hearing of Apeal

Human rights and public interest lawyer, Francix-Xavier Sosu

Ghana’s celebrated Human Rights Lawyer who has been banned by the General Legal Council for 3-years on the grounds of “over charging; touting and personal advertisement” has filed an application for stay and/or suspension of his ban pending Appeal against his 3 year suspension.

Lawyer Sosu filed two separate applications today, 13th June, 2017 at the registry of Court of Appeal against his 1 year suspension for overestimation of legal fees and 3 year ban for touting and personal advertisement.

By the operation of Section 27(2) of the Court of Appeal Rules, 1997, (C.I 19), the said 1 and 3year bans are stayed until the hearing of the application.

The application has been fixed by the Court of Appeal registry to be heard on Tuesday, the 4th July, 2017.

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