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Forest Hotel Boss dragged to National Labour Commission

Mr. Charles Oscar-Welbeck, Director, Forest Hotel Dodowa

Mr. Charles Oscar-Welbeck, Chief Executive of Oscar-Welbeck Group of Companies and owner of Forest Hotel Dodowa has been dragged to the National Labour Commission (NLC) by one of his former employee, Mr. Micheal Coffie over his alleged unlawful dismissal after working with the hotel for three years.

Mr. Coffie who had been working with the Forest Hotel since July 2014 was handed over his dismissal letter on June 19, 2017 with no reason attached.

“We write to inform your that your appointment with Forest Hotel, Dodowa has been terminated effective Monday July 19, 2017. You are required to handover all company assets and equipment in your possession to the beverage manager. You may contact the account office for any salary arrears and or benefit due you. We wish you well” – Mr. Coffie’s dismissal letter reads.

Though Mr. Coffie was directed to the hotel accountant for any salary arrears due him, however, according to the complaint filed at the NLC, Mr. Coffie was never given the wage of 19days work at the hotel before is summary dismissal when he approached the accountant. He also stated that he had never been given any leave for the three years he worked at the hotel. Also, he was never given an appointment letter.

Awake Investigates sources revealed that one of the former staffs of Forest Hotel, Abdul Rashid who also worked with the hotel close to eight (8) years was equally dismissed in July this year without any reason and or given any entitlement benefit. According to our investigations, Rashid was also given only 3 weeks leave during his entire 8 years work with the hotel.

Summary dismissal of an employee in the manner being alleged to have been done by Mr. Oscar-Welbeck is prohibited by the Labour Act 651 of 2003 and a company may be sued or a petition filed against the company at the National Labour Commission for redress, according to two experts who are familiar with the labour laws of Ghana.

Also, according to Section 20-32 of the Labour Act 2003 (Act 651), a worker is entitled to at least 15 working days fully paid annual leave, after completion of 12 months of continuous service.

The National Labour Commission has since written to Mr. Oscar-Welbeck to respond to the petition brought before it with 14days.

Source: Awake Africa | Efo Korsi Senyo | senyo@awakeafrica.com

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    • Why is the news irrelevant? Is this case not at National Labour Commission? If yes, what makes it irrelevant. If no, then can we publish the letter sent to the accused by the NLC?

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